Videos & Photos of KL Freeze in Unison @ Pavillion, KL

I’ve done something that I regret terribly. I should have been there, but I couldn’t. I would if I could. How can I be so useless? I’m so sorry. On Sunday, the 13th of April, it happened. It happened and I wasn’t there. It became one of the biggest regrets of my life…I didn’t make it to the ‘KL Freeze in Unison Gathering’ @ KL.

If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically “where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, color, sex, beliefs and background.” In this case, we just freeze and stop moving for a certain time, in a public place and humiliate ourselves silly by being public art pieces for normal people to ‘admire’.

Jason, KT, Josh, Katie and BT were really into this bizarre idea and were dragging me into it. We heard of this freeze thing looooong time ago and really wanted to do it in KL (I know Josh did it in Singapore). I myself was going ape-crazy with this too, I even followed the whole thing on ‘Facebook’, where the whole ‘event’ started. From a simple invitation to join and to the actual revealing of the gathering date and place, I followed it all over ‘Facebook’. But sadly, as some of you would know, I’m still in Labuan (crap!!!) and couldn’t make it.

I heard the freeze location was at the entrance of ‘Pavillion’. Sorry guys for not being there. I wish I was there, really!!! Hope to get your pictures and reports on it soon!!! In the meantime, I share with you videos of what unfolded that day, thanks to ‘the Zestful One’:

So cool so cool. For pictures, click onto randomalphabets' website.

Anyone else out there froze their butts in this event?! Lemme know, I would love to know you and to get more info on this amazing (if not daring for Malaysians) experience!!!

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