Cloverfield Uncovered


Unless you have been living in Planet Zulu and eating only Jelly Beans in a big bad alien cave with E.T. as your companion, you must have already seen or heard stuff about a movie called ‘Cloverfield’ or ’01-18-08’ as it was once called (the reason for the multiple names was that the film makers did not want to reveal the real name even though a teaser trailer was shown in American cinemas. They say it’s to create a buzz & ‘positive word-of-mouth’. Bloody marketing peeps). Billed as THE cinema event for next year, this film has generated immense media buzz and features a big bad monster terrorizing a big bad city. How can you NOT get excited from that?

If you have not heard about it, here’s rundown of ‘Cloverfield’. Produced by JJ Abrams (MI3, Alias) and directed by Matt Reeves (Felicity, Pallbearer), it’s about a group of survivors in New York that managed to stay alive after a monster the size of a building attacked the city for unknown reasons. The film is shot from a perspective of a hand-held camera, supposed to be from one of the survivors, documenting the rigors of survival as the monster attacks. As the horror and surreal terror unfolds around them, we get to understand why the monster’s intentions are in the attack and how it was vanquished. Expect the film to have the explosive coolness of ‘Godzilla’ with the lure of ‘The Blair Witch Project’.

The marketing for this film has been mystifying. Since the teaser trailer appeared, little has been revealed from the makers of the movie, only small jigsaw pieces were released every now then, as the audience is expected to find more details of the movie by themselves. Websites such as gives more clues only if you complete the puzzles that are given. I’ve heard is linked to the film too but I still have yet to see the connection. Maybe you try and tell me about it!

Intrigued yet? Whether you are intrigued or simply mystified by how Hollywood can make another monster movie attacking a monster city, first watch the teaser trailer that started it all:

Now are you intrigued? If you are, read on. Dwell further into coolness with this 5 minute peak into the movie, as well as a contest that can enter for a mystifying prize (for US residents only):

A recent TV spot has been released too. Here it is, showing a greater scope of the monster attack, and the human’s retaliation towards it:

All that carnage, destruction and beheaderment of statues and yet no sign of the actual monster? What kind of injustice is this??!! Actually, there is a reprieve. Click here for what COULD BE A POSSIBLE picture of the beast. WARNING: seeing it could spoil the enjoyment of the movie.

Can’t wait for it? You bet. You see you in theatres on 01-18-08.

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