Second Homecoming: Part Three

Day 4 - Sunday

Thank God I was able to squeeze in this trip into my KL break. I was so looking forward to this trip coz I haven’t been to ‘Melaka’ for ages. I think it was 10 years ago since I stepped into ‘Jonker Street’. It finally happened and I had such a blast with that bunch of 7. Thank you all for organizing the trip!!! We went with 2 cars and of course, being the gentleman that I am (ahem) I drove SL's poor 'MyVi' all the way back and forth. Not only that, we drove around inside Melaka looking for yummy yummys and places to chill (it’s so cool that Melaka has so many chill-out spots!). Anyway, we went through the usual tourist route, i.e. ‘chicken ball rice’, shopping and chillin’ in ‘Jonker Street’, buying those biscuits, ‘A’Formosa’ sight-seeing, cooling down in ‘Mahkota Parade’ and had ‘Satay Celup’ for dinner. I guess I need to say a big THANK YOU to all (you know who) for organizing the trip and I had such a blast!!! Because pictures speak louder than words, here are some random pics I took out from my camera that day:

Day 5 - Monday

The day to leave KL had finally arrived and overall, I loved it. I seriously loved it. I still didn’t get to do many things (like going to ‘Maison’ for Derek’s b-day party. Sorry dude), but I had total enjoyment and relaxation way beyond my expectations. So, again, thank you all for spending time with me and thank you for all these great memories!!!

But before I boarded my car to KLIA (the flight was 6pm so there was still time for more!!!) Me and SL went to ‘Sunway Pyramid’ for lunch and I finally tried ‘Wendy’s’. With all the hype of ‘not cutting corners’ and people saying its better than McD’s (really?) I just had to see it for myself. I ordered the ½ pound beef burger and after much thinking and discussion with SL, yes I think it is better than McD. Why? Coz we are just simply bored with McD haha. A ½ pounder beef burger has 3 levels of beef goodness, and eating it with French fries and Coke, you will feel so full you will not want to any food for the entire day. My ranking among all the burger fast foods outlets are:

1.) Burger King
2.) Wendy’s
3.) McDonald’s
4.) Carl’s Junior
5.) KFC Burgers

Definitely worth a visit and money!!!

Time for my flight and left for the airport around 4:30pm (scary eh? My flight is at 6pm) and knowing that when I arrive in Labuan almost 9pm, I had to ‘tapau’ something for dinner to eat: it was ‘JCo Donuts’. All 6 pieces of them as dinner. YUMMY!! Anyway, until next time friends and family!!! Love u guys and gals loads!!! See you all in my 3rd return to KL soon!!!

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