Coke and Me...

Whoaaa!!! You know, I always liked Coke (and I mean the soda. The other one’s another story). I always had a fondness for Coke since a kid so, as a tribute to my childhood love, here’s a compilation of stuff that you can do with coke. And here’s one of my favorite. Take a bottle of coke (the plastic ones would be best) and add some dry ice into it. Wait a minute or so and then let your inner demons take over:

Dry Ice - Awesome video clips here

Here’s another one I tried as a kid, but somehow it didn’t really work for me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Well, apparently you can start a fire with a Coke can. Can this be true? I tried it and didn’t work but maybe you can do better. Check it out and try it (but always use caution!!!) FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!

How To Create Fire From A Soda Can! - The funniest videos clips are here

And this is how you cheat coke machines. Well, the video shows American machines but I used to cheat Coke machines using almost the same principles (insert coins, choose drink, insert your hand into the hole where cans are dispensed, grab whole of can before it reaches hole, machine thinks can is jammed, machine refunds coins, withdraw hand with grabbed coke can, take refunded coins and enjoy free coke). Too bad those machine are gone, ‘cause I think they know about this. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Anyway, here’s how the American’s do it…

Tricking Coke Machines: The 2 For 1 - Click here for more blooper videos

Now this below I didn’t not do. I mean I tried the mixing diet coke with mentos thingy (and it works). But I did not try shooting it like a sniper from Counter-Strike. Anyway, this guy did just that and I just love the sound of that boooooooooom……

BOOM! - The best bloopers are here

Speaking of mixing of diet coke with mentos, I tried it a long time ago and it really sizzles and pops. All I can say is that diet coke and mentos is the rocket fuel for our future. Who needs oil???

Mentos & Diet Coke ROCKET MISSILE - The most popular videos are here

Coke with mentos. Don’t be a fool like him:

Coke And Mentos In The Face !!! - More bloopers are a click away

And finally, a little trick that gets rid of the exploding gas whenever you have either dropped it or shaken it. It could save your life from the gas exploding in your face and prevents melting your eyeballs. But anyway, it will work if you tap it correctly enough. Give it a try:

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