'Transformers 2' Movie Details!!!!

Somebody asked me why there ain’t no more movie updates or stuff like that. Well, stress levels are dramatically rising, and my seat at ‘Schlumberger’ is getting hot. Really hot. Close to boiling point actually. As such, I didn’t had the chance to update my blog as much as I like to. But no matter, whenever I get the chance, this blog will surely be updated.

And that chance is now. No, not another ‘what-I-have-done-in KL’ post, but an actual movie post (this is for you, Nik, JoL & SC). And it’s not just another movie, it’s a movie with big bad freakin’ robots and it’s none other that Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’. The sequel, in fact. Yes, ‘Transformers 2’ is already penned and soon to be in production. Although yet to be finalized, audiences will expect to see something more massive than what they have seen in the first movie, something huge, something freakin’ big is coming to town!!! :

Actual movie studio rendition of possible look for ‘Devastator’.

‘Devastator’ will be on the big screen!!! If you don’t know anything about the ‘Transformers’ universe (shame, shame on you!! Slap yourself silly 100 times!!!) it’s a giant robot merged together from other robots called ‘Constructicons’, as in the cartoons namely ‘Scrapper’, ‘Bonecrusher’, ‘Scavenger’, ‘Mixmaster’, ‘Hook’ and ‘Long Haul’.

It will be interesting however to see what Michael Bay and his bombastic gang of explosion experts will be calling these new robots, as they had screwed-up the correct name of 'Brawl' instead of 'Devastator' (‘Devastator' is by right supposed to be the robot in the above picture, not a tank as in the movie). Will Michael Bay gets his facts checked and straight in time for round 2 of more metal bashing goodness? Only he knows.

No ‘Dinobots’ are in the sequels, however it is rumored that a robot transformed from an aircraft carrier will be in the movie too. My memory is not as good as it used to (although it was never good in the first place), but I don’t remember an aircraft carrier robot in the cartoons. Maybe it’s a creation from the comic book universe, and Bay wanted it to be merged with the sequel? Anyone knows if there’s an aircraft carrier robot to be found in the ‘Transformers’ comic or toy universe??!!

Besides the newcomers, the regulars of ‘Optimus Prime’, ‘Starscream’ and ‘Bumblebee’ (YES!!!) will be back, and of course, Megan 'Foxy' Fox will act as nice fillers in between the robot action. New human characters that will appear are such as:

CHUCK - Sam's roommate at Princeton that runs a conspiracy theory website. A funny guy that is shocked to see his conspiracy theories come to life.

PROFESSOR COLAN - Sam's physics professor at Princeton. An arrogant intellectual who compares himself to Einstein and also wears leather pants to school to look cool. Only in Michael Bay movies, folks.

MOMMA SIMMONS – Momma to the first movie’s Simmons character, she's a tough and sarcastic momma that runs a deli/butcher shop with her son in Brooklyn in this sequel.

Mr. GALLOWAY - National Security Advisor and presidential liaison.

Ms. THERESA - Sgt. Epps' (from 1st movie) wife, a comedic character that is sassy, sexy and classy. She also has 4 kids. Bummer.

MASSIVE DYNAMICS CEO - Corporate CEO appears in front of congress to testify (for something that is still not yet clear).

TEXAS CONGRESSMAN - Investigating the purpose of the "Automated Defensive Initiative" developed by Massive Dynamics, acting on behalf of the Congressional Committee.

FBI DIRECTOR – Filler character that is to give a press release to assure the public they are in safe hands against the robot attacks.

CNN REPORTER - Reporting on incidents related to the robots, i.e. missile strikes and bombings in various cities.

U.S. MILITARY LEADER – A tough military character with a great sense of humor.

UK SPECIAL FORCES LEADER – Just simply a kick-ass cool character.

In fact, I actually had a copy of a draft story for ‘Transformer 2’. Yup, the entire ‘Transformers 2’ story is in my hard drive. I took a peak at it, and good God it felt like its a fanboy’s first wetdream.

I just hope Michael Bay pulls it off again in ‘Transformers 2’. I practically fell in love with the first one, although it’s not perfect, but it sure was close (I watched it 8 times in the cinema & 9 times on DVD, and I’m not done yet).

But with America facing so much attacks and since they have ‘Autobots’ protecting them 24/7, I went around town to see whether Malaysia have it’s own ‘Autobots’ to protect our beloved tanah darahku. I know they are out there…you need more than what meets the eye to spot them, a secret fanboy’s autobotic sixth sense…and lo and behold I actually found one!!!! BEHOLD:

Autobot ‘Saga perWira Gen negative 2’. Look!! It even has a black speaker box as its voice to confront the deadly bad ‘Decepticons’: “Mana I.C??? Tunjok I.C!!! RM50? Ok, Jalan.”

I feel so safe already. To sign off, here's some a retro moment for all fanboys out there: the cartoon theme song!!! WoOooOOO-HoOooOoOo !!! Until next time !!!

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