Monster Bash Round 2!!! Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Requiem

Christmas is nearly upon us and what way to celebrate it than to watch a blood-soaked and violence-ridden monster vs. aliens movie on X’mas eve? If you are sick of the usual annual fireworks in the sky, there are plenty of fireworks of a different variety in bombs, guns and explosions in the latest cinema offering from Hollywood: “Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Requiem” or AVP-R.

Set as a follow-up to the oh-so-exciting ‘Aliens Vs. Predator’ movie in 2004, AVP-R follows from where the first movie left of:

“The Predator, who has been killed by the Alien Queen at the end of the first movie, gives birth to the deadly Predalien (hybrid of the Predators and the Aliens) on board of the scout ship. The Predalien causes the ship to crash in a Colorado town where the Aliens escape from board and infect the town. A lone “Wolf” Predator is sent to clean up and kill all the Aliens. Meanwhile, people who live in the Colorado town are helplessly caught in the middle of the ultimate face-off between the two space monsters. The human plot seems to center around stopping the alien outbreak before the military carpet bombs the area to contain it.”

The above synopsis is obtained from Wikipedia.

With Colin & Greg Strause at the helm as Director and features relatively unknown actors such as Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth & John Ortiz, this movie is sounding like a burst of bad gas from too much funky beans. But fret not, here are some funky photos to offset those bad beans:

If these images is already wetting your appetite and your pants, here’s a ‘R’-rated trailer of AVP-R that you wouldn’t see in Malaysian cinemas due to, well, see it for yourself:

And if THAT still ain’t enough to convince you to part with your RM 10 bucks for this movie, here’s a 5-minute preview of the actual movie, courtesy of 'Yahoo Movies'. Click here for Monster War!!!
What? You want more? You saying the images were too puny and you didn't get the kick that you deserve? Well, Lord behold, here's the link to the movie's soundtrack composer, Mr. Brian Tyler's' Myspace' site for his official mix to the movie which is cooly titled 'Decimation Proclamation'. Jingle rockin' Bells indeed.

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