Flights of Fancy?

Waiting for the plane again at some damned airport. Bored to death at all these checking-in, wait-for-boarding, safety-beat-fastened-for-take-off bla bla bla. With my current project in full swing, I had to meet up with suppliers from all over East Malaysia, from Kuching, Miri, Bintulu, KK, Brunei, etc. Giving presentations after presentation to our suppliers on what needs to be done etc, hopefully these people knows what needs to be done, or some serious ass-kickin’ is much needed.

I think I’ve done more flying in these past few months than any other time in my lifetime, including those few years while in UK. Now let's reflect on my "flights of fancy". So there's my usual bi-weekly/tri-weekly flight back to KL from Labuan, then there's from Labuan to Miri, and to go to Bintulu I’ll need to fly to Miri first then to Bintulu, and the same goes for Kuching and KK. And soon, Lawas will come into the picture some day, I wonder how that will turn up. Again and again, week after week. Haihz.

And coming soon, I’ll be going to Singapore for training for a week, and that trip's flight is via KL. More boarding and take-off merriment. Oh JOY!!!

Well, at least flying is the safest mode of transportation. Statistically anyway. It better stay that way dammit. Oh crap, time to board the plane...

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