Krispy Kreme Kharisma

Waaaaay outdate post (just for completion sake lahh)

KL Labour Day Weekend Break: 30th April ~ 2nd May '09

Day 3: Saturday, 2nd May '09.

Finally tasted Krispy Kreme, and OH MY GOWD…I’m completed blasted away by it. Thought that it would be another JCo or Apple Donuts rip-off, but the ‘Original Glazed’ doughnut is just sinfully superlicious. And when I say superlicious, I only mean and ONLY will mean the ‘Orginal Glazed’ one, nothing else!!! (Writer’s note: I first tried it in XXX and since today, the 27th May, I’ve had 4 dozens of them already. Am I fat? Thank God not yet, but continue like this, I think I’m going to be. But it’s all for a good cause!! BRING IT ON!!!). Yummmm ~~~

Why does it always looks like the Stock Market at Krispy Kreme every weekend??!! Man on phone: "Prices per dozen steady at RM19.90!! BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!"

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