A Long Time Tying of the Knot

Weekend of 30th June & 1st July


One of my school mates got married, and I went to attend his wedding in Shah Alam. Another week, another wedding for my ex-school mates. Everyone is getting married!!! SCARY!!! Anyway, this time, there’s a twist to the usual wedding ceremonies I usually go as this time its an Indian wedding, Yup, one of my Indian friend, Siva, finally tied the knot with his long-time sweetheart of around 10 years. CONGRATS SIVA!!!

He was a cool guy at school. He was our class monitor in Form 4 and 5, and he supports the students 100% and is not a suck-up to the teachers. At one time, half the class was either absent or ‘ponteng’ already, but in his attendance list, he marked almost everyone in class!! Hahaha. Cool. And when he passed the report to the Form Teacher, he simply said, “At the time I was writing this report, the class was full. If it is not now, I can’t be monitoring everyone for every minute, otherwise I’ll be working for the school and not here to study.” Waaaaaay cool. Here’s to you for a brighter future and a happy marriage!!!

Met up a few old school friends at the wedding, and after the wedding we went to Sunway’s ‘Q-Bar’ for a drink to catch up on lost times. Fun times always with the old gang!!! If you guys are reading this, please PLEASE get together more often ok, don’t let the bond die from work, girls and life. (Theva, don’t forget about the karaoke sessions ok, we WILL make it happen haha).

The main setting of the wedding.

Siva seated. The man with the plan.

With old friends, the best friends.

At Sunway's 'Q-Bar'

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