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Some of my favourite Dim Sums at 'Tai Thong'.

Weekend of 24th & 25th November.

I always fall for offers or promotions. I don’t know why. It’s like I’m a fly and whenever I see light, I tend to go near them. And at times (at most times anyway), my fly escapades ends up being pretty darn messy. Like being zapped by those purple-lighted bug killers in fly-infested restaurants, my money in my wallet just gets zapped away from these offers or promos. I mean, these things are supposed to help you save money right, but I end up spending more instead. Oh well. It’s for the fun of it I suppose, and last weekend there were heaps of offers to take pleasure from.

The weekend started off with Dim Sum at 'Tai Thong Restaurants’. If you didn’t know it already, ‘Tai Thong’ was offering nearly 50% discounts on their Dim Sum menu for nearly the whole year through, which makes most of the items RM 2.80 or RM 3.80. After discount, the price is almost equivalent to street-level Dim Sum parlors, so why not envelop yourself in a cozy environment and enjoy some seriously good Chinese Tea with heaps of fine Dim Sum to choose from? Plenty of other dishes such as the ‘Chee Cheong Fun’ and ‘Char Siew Pau’ were present, all at discounted rates. The quality of service were impressive as well (I went to the ‘Tai Thong’ in KL’s Wisma Selangor Dredging, situated in it the British Council). All in all, 7 baskets of Dim Sum with Chinese Tea for 2, plus tax took me for close to RM 25. Not bad eh. It’s recommended if you like Dim Sum in a restaurant environment at a very reasonable price.

After this scrumptious breakfast (I normally don’t eat breakfast), I continued my promo voyage to Pavillion’s ‘Coffee Bean’ and checked out its ‘Buy 1 Ice Blended get another for free’ promo. Offered only to ‘Citibank’ credit card holders to all CB branches (that’s what I was told by the cashier anyway), the offer had a slight catch: the free Ice-Blended only come in flavors of Green Tea and Mango. HMmmmm, I knew it was too good to be true. Well, it was free so can’t complain that much. Bill came out to RM 13 for 2 Ice-Blendeds. Verdict: Recommended only if someone in your group likes Ice Blended Mango or Green Tea.

After the refreshment, GSC Pavillion were having a pre-opening promo whereby patrons with GSC coupons that can be found virtually everywhere lately in newspapers, websites, flyers, etc, can enjoy free movie screening at GSC’s latest addition to its bulging fleet of cinemas in Malaysia. I heard the next addition will be in The Gardens, Mid Valley. Look out for promos similar to this soon. However, only old movies were offered free screenings (there’s always a catch isn’t it?) and notable movies were Transformers, Spider-Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Ratatouille, Secret (the Jay Chou movie) and others I don’t remember. I caught ‘Secret’, which is no secret that I really wanted to see it but never had the chance. In the end, it was a satisfactory movie that is a lot smarter than first thought…

Thanks to 'Saimatkong' for this grab!!!

After the movie, it was already dinner time and thus proceeded to my regular joint for 50% discounted dinners: ‘Izzi Restaurant’ along Jalan Sultan Ismail. ‘Izzi’ gives 50% discount to most of the major credit cards in Malaysia, as long as if you can spend RM 100 and above in a single receipt. Honestly speaking, it is well worth your effort to splurge on the menu because what you can’t finish on the table you can always take-away. So, ‘ta-pau’ for your mum and dad at home or make someone happy by bringing food to their door at half the price!!! Discount applies to all dishes except for dessert (which is not that impressive a list to choose from anyway). Food is mostly Italian fare, i.e. pizza, pasta and spaghetti, although a list of Asian dishes can be found (i.e. 'char kuey teow', chicken rice, etc, which believe me, is not recommended). Our bill after discount stood at almost RM 50 and with 4 persons that night, each person just needed to fork out RM 12.50 for 2 large pizzas, 2 pastas, 2 lasagnas, 1 spaghetti and 4 bottom-less Coke drinks. It is recommended to those wanting to senselessly & sinfully fill up their bodies with food at a very bargain basement price.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we took a walk along Star Hill and lo and behold, ‘Lecka Lecka’ was just around the corner. As I’m pitifully weak in running away from offers, I remembered that anyone with a ‘HSBC’ credit card can enjoy 30% off their ice-creams, and I took advantage of my good memory & duly had a triple-scooper that amassed a cost of approximately RM 7 (usual price I heard was around RM 10). The flavors were pretty good (Macadamia, Cookies & Cream & Oreo) although I find the ice-cream tend to melt pretty darn fast, even in an air-con environment. Too much water content in the ice-creams perhaps? Who knows, but at 30% off it’s well worth the effort. Recommended for ice-cream likeys and likey a nice and cozy out-door environment (facing the LV boutique, no less).

Well, you would think that the day is over but it is not. Haha, since my stomach was filled with stuff, we walked around the BB area and ended up in Isetan. At first glance at my surrounding and immediately spotted a 50% off sign for all Sushi & Sashimi. Brilliant!!! I always love sushi. I grabbed a small bucket load of sashimi at RM 10, packed to the brim with sashimi it can feed a cat for weeks. Recommended if the sushi or sashimi can be finished by the next day (for freshness reasons).


Well, now you will think the promo escapades are over. Think again. Refreshed from a night’s rest, the journey continues at the ‘Curve’. If you didn’t know, ‘Cineleisure Damansara’ is having these whacky sales whereby all of the shops in 'Cineleisure' are slashing their prices. And some of the slashes are pretty darn major. Check out ‘Genki Sushi’’s bento set, where originally at RM 30, this baby is coming at you for only RM 6.90. Kid you not, it’ a good deal and the food is pretty darn good too. It’s not hotel standard of course, but for RM 6.90 for a bento set, you can’t really complain much can you?

Other stuff you can check out are:

- 50% off (weekdays)* @ FourSkin for all T-Shirts & Flip Flops.

- 20 & off (weekdays)* @ Midori

- 10 % off for all Nike normal priced items.

- 15% off for Adidas normal priced item, above RM 100.

- 30% off for Hair Coloring @ S'Pro Hairdressing.

- RM 45.90 fpr Wagyu Beef Set @ Satsuma (normal price RM 110)

- RM 6.90 for Salmon Teppanyaki @ Mr. Teppanyaki (normal price RM 14.90)

- RM 39.90 for Beef Ribs @ Tony Roma's (normal price RM 48.90)

* for weekends discounts differ.

* coupons can be collected at information counter at Cineleisure Damansara. While stocks last.

* loads for offers and discounts up for grabs!!!

I spent the entire day there splashing my dosh on these offers. And now I’m broke. Crap. Looks like it’s Maggie mee for the rest of the week days I guess. No more Coffee Bean for days. Bosss!!! teh tarik satu kurang manis!!!

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