Labuan Bloglogs #2: The Horror

It's been a few days already at my new office, and i'm already suffering from culture shock. No, it's not because everyone here acts and speaks funny, it's just that everyone here dresses funny. Everyone here DO NOT put on ties or formal wear, everyones wears and walks around like THIS:

GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN, WHYYYY??!!! By the way, that's not me you see in the above photo there. Yes, it does make me look like a super-pro engineer, but c'mon, even in my office I have to wear THAT??!! What, just in case all the engineers die from a freak accident and WE have to step in and safe the oil rigs??!! Screw that, i'm not even on an oil rig!!! I'll burn them down into the sea haha. But, what to do, if everyone wears them, I got too as well. As they say, when in Rome, be a Roman. So after wearing that for a week already, i'm officially a 'Schlumbergerian'....

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