Got Spa?

KL Weekend Break: 3rd April ~ 6th April 2009

Day 4: Monday, 6th April, '09

I always liked Spas. Since my first visit many years ago, and since THAT grand spa in Bali two years ago, I’m always in the look-out for spas. But I’m never a member of any spas even though many friends asked me to join, and join never joined even though they offered massive discounts too. Why? I think the spa centers that came across me are usually those where many people go (and I HATE bumping into people I know at these places. I dunno why. Shy guaa? Hhaha). And also, many spas eventually I found out that they offer many “extra services”, as the common term go. Not that appropriate right?

So I’m still in the look-out, and then I found out about ‘Ayurvedium Medispa’. Ok, that doesn’t sound right, abit weird the name, no? Well, it’s because it has an Indian influence to it. And I mean literally mean it has an Indian influence to it. So, if you go to this place to get a body massage, most probably you will get an Indian masseur. That’s because the techniques and philosophy hails from India. I got no problems with that as long as the message is good and I walk out of there feeling relaxed and satisfied right? If you got a problem with that, well, this place ain’t for you buddy.

So this place offers foot reflex massages, body stress relieve therapy massages, massages with cucumbers, papaya, aloevera, oranges, lemon skin, rambutans, durians, you name you they got it (oklah maybe the last few I bluff one) and then they got this super cool ‘hotbed anti-oxidant rejuvenation room’ which I’ve yet to try. Soon soon soon, I’ll book one room for myself heh heh heh…

So on my last day in KL over that weekend, I just have to try this place out. As mentioned already, I’ve been eyeing for a spa place to go to since for ages already. I was at the Gardens, and did a walk-about along that floor with the yoga places and fancy saloons, and spotted ‘Ayurvedium’. As I was totally stressed out from work, I did an upper body stress relieve therapy. Basically it’s upper body massage lah. No fancy cucumbers, papayas or oranges, just a good old-fashioned massage session to try this place out. And I have to say I was very impressed. The guy (yes guy) really had the strength to loosen those stressed muscles, and in addition to the oils that was applied all over me (sounds kinky but there’s nothing of that sort, honestly) I was in a complete state relaxation for that 1 hour. I can’t really describe in detail how it feels, you just have to experience it for yourself ;)

After the one hour, there’s a classy private washroom to allow to you to shower off the oils on the body. The pampering continues here as many perfumed toiletries is at your disposal. Heck, even the towels smell nice (but, I think it’s always better to use your own towel just for hygiene sake). After all that has been done, they brought me to a waiting room to rest further, accompanied by a nice and warm cup of chamomile tea while a little glass of wine waits at the side too. Nice touch, and even nicer is the view from the room overlooking the whole Gardens. Fitting end to a fancy and quite classy spa session I think.

I ended up signing on as a member of ‘Ayurvedium’ spa. Upon signing, it offered RM150 worth of free treatments which is a pretty good deal. As most probably I’ll be back anyway, I might as well sign up. And yes, just by flashing the membership card, a additional 30% discount is offered on selected treatments. Why not right?

Located at The Gardens and Starhill, from that experience I really think it’s worth a try. Enjoy… I know I will ;)

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