A Zoo Escapade

Weekend 12th & 13th January

This weekend, I did something that was not done for almost 20 years in my life. No, I didn’t make kittens do summersaults and toss them up into the air (I honestly did that when I was a kid. Sorry), I actually went to the zoo. Yup, it’s the trip to Zoo Negara. What in the world make me go to the zoo of all places? No, it’s not the guilt from tossing all those kittens when I was a problem child, but it was because of all the hype and controversy surrounding ‘Manja’ the puma that apparently clawed a kid. So I decided to do some little investigation of my own for the sake of ‘Manja’ the puma, to do my part as a responsible citizen of KL that I am. So where is how it went:

Arrived!!! And it costs RM 15 to enter. Crap. It was RM 2.50 in those days when I was a kid…

Took a picture of the zoo’s map, just in case. They didn’t provide maps to visitors, so Zoo Negara, this is something you should take immediate action on!!!

A manly monkey posing for my camera. EEEEE!!! Hairy armpits!!!

Monkey’s ass. Told you to go easy on the Mexican food buddy. That will burn an eternity!!!


He was the one talking to Lingam!!!

Our national basketball coach giving a few pointers to our players. (Haha, sorry bad joke).

Hakuna matata…no worries under the sun, mate!!!

“Excuse me Mr Bull? Can you tell me where I can find ‘Manja’ the puma? Excuse…Hello? Hello?! Nevermind…”

“HHHmmmmm, nice ass.”


Honey bears. Drank a bit too much from the honey-pot ehh buddies?

New species spotted: headless tortoises coming out looking for food.

Posing with Grand-pa!!! Hi grand-pa!!! Oh wait, it’s just a tortoise.

The ‘feng tao’ tiger. Don’t play play with this tiger ‘tai kor’!!!

Pimpin' my ride!!!

Oh my, that's alot mukus you got up your nose there my friend!!!

Finally, we found ‘Manja’!!!

‘Manja’ nooooooo!!! Not my hand!!!! Actually, she was just cute.

Leaving at last!!! Leaving the zoo with all fingers and hands still attached (*phew*)

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