Labuan Bloglogs #5: Movin' Out!!!

Well, come this weekend, my time is up to leave my hotel that I called ‘home’ for these past 3 weeks and move to a 'Schlumberger' staff house. I guess I’ll miss the luxury that I was accustomed to by living in the hotel, i.e. the house keeping, the swimming pool, free Astro, lush spaces in my bedroom, unlimited WiFI and free laundry services. When I move to my new room, all these luxuries will disappear and it’s all up to me now and everything will be on my own. How sad :-( But am I scared? No blardy way, coz living in the UK for 3 years in the past during my University days really did help me, so what is there to it in Sabah? It’s so much closer to home anyway. Actually, I’m not totally on my own as there will be 2 housemates that are from KL and KK, so I guess there will be some common ground which we can associate with (especially the KL guy of course. Oh yeah, there will be 1 guy from KL and another gal from KK). And the latest news is, my company may start sending maids over weekly to help clean up all staff houses. So there, more problems solved!!! So, moving to a new room soon so I’ve decided to snap some good old remembrance photos of my ‘trailer park’ home. The hotel is called 'Tiara Labuan Hotel', so here we go!!!

A nice looking 'koi' fish pond greets guests upon entering the establisment.

Passing through and moving on will be my room!!!

Located very near to my room will be the swimming pool...

Beside the pool are nice walkways twisting all over the hotel....

...with pockets of lovely greens accompanying the visitors everywhere.

and further pools of 'koi' fishes to offer gracious harmony to the surroudings.

So how the room inside? Take a look yourself!!! Not bad?

As for me, I’ve gained a new found love: taking naps by the pool-side. So I’ll see you when I see you!!! Cheers!!!

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