Gambling Gastronomy

Sorry for long absence, been busy and all that. Just got back from my Mars trip to visit my uncle Ah Siau. Anyway, back to my blogging…..

To make up the big bad gap in my blog, I’m just going to post up weekends that are worth highlighting. So here ya go:

Weekend of 17th & 18th Feb

On that Friday night me and my office pals opened shop, doing the business of gambling (yes, gambling, so arrest me la Pak Cop!! Why scared? I taiko maahh!!) We created a wide selection of tempting offers on the menu:

Ala Carte:

1.) Mahjong for 3 to 4 persons
2.) Blackjack buffet
3.) ‘Gin’ & tonic
4.) ‘Tai De’ gong (Viet dish)

Well, those were the popular choices and we indulged in gambling gastronomy until the wee hours of the morning. Actually, it was a bit of a disgrace as we planned to end at 7am the next morning, but we ended at 4am instead. Gowd, we must be older than we think we are!!! I think it’s time to whip out that ‘Alien Workshop’ baggy pants along with my old ultra-large Quiksilver t-shirt and stroll at my nearest mall. FUYOH!!!!

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