Of Early Week Blues & Freaky Shit

Been surfin around youtube on a lazy Monday morning, armed with a temper to refuse all work that came my way, and it starts to rain, my mood goes down the drain along with the rain, and like a coincidence that was bestowed through the rain by the Gods of Heaven, I bumped into a freaky video of creatures living down in drains. In North Carolina, USA to be exact. Weird shit, this is:

Aliens or some other person's ass? Frankly, this is basically Karma. What you eat is what you'll get. You eat bad shit, you'll poo bad shit down the drains, and it'll come back up and bite yer ass. So save Mother Earth, cut down on the Sambal Belacan.

P.S. I'm a wee bit vulgar today. Probably's the Mexican I ate. Cut down on that too people.

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