Earth Hour in Labuan

So how was your Earth Hour? Probably better than mine I suppose. I did my small part in switching off the lights in my lil’ humble Labuan room of course. So much so that my housemate saw what I was doing and participated too. But he went abit overboard. He switched off the main switch of the house instead O.o Yup, talk about turning over to the dark side. Feeling abit lost and quite honestly kinda warm, we decided to take our car out for a spin to see what the others are doing during this earthly time (sidenote: does this beat the point of switching off the lights as we pollute the air with our car fumes instead?) Anyway, we headed to the main town area and I was honestly quite surprised to see the level of participation of Earth Hour in Labuan. Many housing areas were darker than usual, and many of the hotels here turned off the lights too. I took a few pics of course:

Right outside my house. Complete darkness except for the street lights (and someone's TV if you look real closely). But still. it's a job well done!!

The biggest hotel in Labuan, Grand Dorsett doing its bit for Earth Hour. The lobby was dark, and it's staff was seen working with torchlights!!!

Labuan's one and only shopping mall/office towers were darker than usual during Earth Hour. I think the parking were free 'cause the entry and exit were all open for cars to pass!!!

Labuan Square was in complete darkness, and the amazing thing was there were a concert being held there, in darkness!!!
Even streetlights are off. But was this intentional? Hmmmmm....

And at the stroke of 9:30pm, all lights came back on. Nicely done!!

Grand Dorsett's lights came back on, relinquishing back its glory and glamour.

As for my room after Earth Hour (and that spin around town in the car), well, it is better that it remained completely dark. Sorry.. ;p

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