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I’ve got a few movie info that’s been circulating around the net recently which I found very, very cool. First off, the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight finally gets its teaser poster. Premiering in the summer of 2008, this looks like another gem of a movie by Christopher Nolan. Check it out below:

Below are some promo shots of Batman and his latest nemesis in 'Dark Knight', The Joker. These photos are apparently leaked without the approval of the distributors:

Christian Bale as Batman, Heth Ledger as The Joker.

Next off, Star Trek. As some might already know, JJ Abrams (Alias, MI3) is re-booting the Star Trek franchise next year with Zachary Quinto (Sylar in ‘Heroes’ TV series) as Spock. Interesting choice eh? But what’s interesting is that an apparent LEAKED image of the new Enterprise starship slipped into the net. The question is, if this image for real? Or is it some fanboy hoax? But in the meantime, embrace the coolness that is NCC-1701 a.k.a. Starship Enterprise.

The NCC-1701. For real?

Now for some news on the latest addition to the already milked-dry franchise called The Terminator. It is confirmed that Christian Bale (Batman) will star as John Connor, a very contral character in the Terminator universe, in 'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins'. So will Arnold Schwarzenegger make an appearance since he has gone all political in California? Apparently, he will. God provide us salvation from this. This movie will cost a reported US 150 million and above. Salvation indeed.

As for the Golden Compass, you might have noticed this movie as it is being heavily advertised all over the place. Good or bad, you decide but where’s a link where it help you decide whether to spend RM 10 on it or not. It features the first 10 minutes of the ‘Golden Compass’. Enjoy. Click here to be re-directed to the Yahoo Movies.

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