That Daryl Weekend

An Australian cousin dropped by last weekend (i..e Daryl), and since he don’t drop by so often, I just had to spend some time with him don’t I? So, dragged up all the rest of the cousins around KL (with gfs) and went around Sunway and MV to eat, shop, and chat (what else is there in KL, eh?) Oh yea, managed to have TK to bring all of us to a far-away Bak Kut Teh stall in Teluk Pulai, Klang. Comparing this stall to the Hokkien Association stall that we normally go? The latter is much better ;) Anyway, here’s some random photos just for posting sake:

The last photo before we all bolted from the place and left Daryl to bill. Now that's Malaysian hospitality...

Phil, why you holding your crotch? Down boy, down!!!

Mr. Greedy Eyes aiming for the Salmon Roll. Or issit the Dai Roll? Doreime Roll? Can't remember.

I still don't know what this is. And I still think the waiter ordered this and not us. REFUND!!!

Bak Kut Teh for breakfast!!! Actually by the time we reached there it was more like brunch. And we also had to make a U-Turn to fetch some leftover (i.e. Phil). Haihzz. This was in Teluk Pulai, Klang.

Bong Juice, anyone? Available at Teluk Pulai, Klang.

Daryl, your crack's showing...

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