A Weekend of Zombies

Weekend of 19th May ~ 20th May


Yes, I promised SL a birthday present, and it wasn’t physically a present. This is because I ‘bought’ her a re-do and re-styling of her beautiful frock of hair!! There were treatments, straitening, cuts, blows (not the kinds that I like) and a whole load of whacky stuff saloons come up with nowadays. All in all, it cost me around RM 300 bucks. Sigh~~~~~

But all is not doom and gloom. As a thank-you gesture, SL treated me to a very nice Japanese dinner at ‘Matsuba’, Sri Hartamas. I ordered the Sashimi set and it was gorgeous and delicious. It’s not the best I’ve tasted (Ozeki & Rakuzen in KL would be tops) but the fish is fresh and tender. THANK YOU SL!!!!!

After dinner, we initially wanted to meet up with a bunch of friends at The Curve’s ‘Laundry’ for the FA Cup Final (Man Utd V Chelsea), but at 8:30pm the roads were all jammed up and road rage was spreading faster than AIDS in Africa so we re-routed to a place currently called ‘MyHome’, previously called ‘Christo’s’ or ‘Bristo’s’ or ‘My Toes’. Take your pick lah. But anyway, Me, SL, later TK, V, P, and his girlfriend S joined up and watched the FA Cup final to my dismay of the final result. Overall Man Utd was playing slightly better and didn’t deserve to lose the game in such an un-fair fashion. Oh well, football is never fair and it seems Drogba agrees to this statement and conveniently toe-poked the goal that won Chelsea the cup. So:

i.) Premier League - Man Utd
ii.) FA Cup – Chelsea
iii.) Champion’s League – AC Milan (too bad Liverpool)

Looks like all is fair for the big clubs in England as every team got a Cup and for Liverpool’s case, nearly got the cup. Pity the Arsenal fans though hehe ~~~~

After the match, we went mamaking and tok-koking around Sri Hartamas area until the wee hours of Sunday morning and duly departed for dreamland back home.


Went to ‘Cineleisure’ the Curve to watch ’28 Weeks Later’ and I must say it is the best zombie flick I’ve seen in my life. To compare other great zombie movies already out there, i.e. the George A. Romero’s zombie movies, they are a pale reflection to this wonderfully orchestrated celluloid marvel. There are scenes in here that will forever leave imprints in my mind, it got me thinking & talking with friends and will made me impersonate a zombie just to scare the living daylights out of people. AARrrGGHhhhhGGGHH!!!! Ok, ok, ’28 Weeks Later’:

The Good:

1.) Zombies – They are absolutely terrifying and they hunt in packs, just like the lethal dinosaur species of Velociraptors, they are deadly in numbers and will not stop until they taste bloody ripped flesh from bones of unsuspecting terrified humans. Upon the sight of zombie packs running amok down a hillside, smelling fresh flesh that is you, not stopping for breath or rest but only blood-shot red eyes seeking out your blood to gratify their hunger for death, this will bring shudders of fear crawling up your spine in your cinema seat. These zombies are the most fearsome creations of any twisted-minded movie directors can possibly conceive, and they are the most vicious zombies you can ever possibly see. And see it you must, for it will change your perception of zombies forever.

2.) Director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo – I believe Mr. Fresnadillo achieved what the first movie and other zombie movies failed to achieve: the on-screen representation of the insane rage, violence and cannibalistic mania of zombies that helped this film to complete a visceral, thrilling, scary and very nihilist horror movie perfect for our times. Fresnadillo captures the same urgent, frantic horror Boyle did (the director of the 1st movie, ‘28 Days Later’) by the use of effective set design, this time aided by some great CGI of a deserted, trashed London. The grimy digital stock feels filthy, like a virus crawling over you, and the handheld war-zone style cinematography terrifyingly captures the chaos, desperation and insanity of a Zombie-led London.

3.) As a sequel to ’28 Days Later’, the first movie – The transition from the first movie to this sequel, and from Danny Boyle, the first director, to Fresnadillo was seamless and no major plot holes were obviously apparent. Bearing in mind that Boyle served as Executive Producer for this 2nd movie, I believe a guiding hand was offered and aided this seamlessness. It is very rare that a sequel can equal or out-do the original first movie, but ’28 Weeks Later’ has proven this wrong. It's full of the action, violence and horror any of you can hope for from the zombie genre, and in being as good as ‘28 Days Later’, it joins the canon of some of the best horror movies ever.

The Bad:

1.) The Plot - A teenage girl takes up a specialist military sniper rifle and makes a perfect shot of it with no training, improper handling and in very low visibility. A helicopter flies - nose down - close enough to the ground to clear a path by slicing its attackers into a bloody shower of body parts. A victim who could carry the antibody to the virus that wiped out a whole population is left alone behind minimal security in a medical centre. These are the massive flaws in the plot of ‘28 Weeks Later’ and they'd ruin many lesser movies that take themselves seriously. But if you can overcome these problems while watching this film, be prepared for a claustrophobic cocoon of thrills and terror from the very opening minute…

After the movie and seeing all the gory and flesh that is laid bear in front of the cinema screen, we skipped our chance to eat at The Curve (we ate only noodles at late afternoon) and just yamca only. After that, we adjourned for the weekend.

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