Labuan Bloglogs #3: No Doggies

I just realized that there are NO dogs in Labuan...not even stray ones. Blimey. I mean, yes, Labuan is predominantly a Malay area, but there are big pockets of Chinese communities living here. And yet, no dogs. Wow. This is good and bad thing for me: Good - no rabid stray dogs chewing on me arse when i go out to buy papers. Bad - I got no one to throw stones at. OK!!! I wasn't serious about that. Well, the bad about it I guess it makes this place feel less of home. Shit, I'm home sick already. OH WAIT, I can't be home sick 'cause I'm still living in a damn HOTEL here and I got no home to go to. Note to myself: FIND A BLARDY PLACE TO BUM IMMEDIATELY. Until then...

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