Night at the Sahara

Wow, I was so busy I actually had no time to write about what I did these past few weeks. Anyway, here what’s happened 2 weekends ago. We celebrated the birthday of a friend that is called "the uncle", "the german", & sometimes "the gunner", but I call him a good friend. He is mature-minded (hence "the uncle"), he speaks in a tongue sometimes we do not understand (so, he is "the German") and he is a crazily loyal Arsenal fan (that's why "the Gunner"). But whatever he is, he is a good friend to me and to many of us, so the good people that are friends with him decided to celebrate his Big Day to mark his progress in age and to certify him as an official uncle. But the problem was, we did not know what to do or where to go until the very last minute (haha, sorry uncle) but thanks to Prasad, he suggested to dine in a place more foreign and exotic, to a place far from the normal dining fare of steaks, Italian or Chinese. We went to the Sahara. Yes, being the billionaires that we are, we chartered a flight to the Sahara just for the night and splashed the cash for champagne fantasies and caviar dreams.

Actually, it's just next to Jalan Bukit Bintang. Yup. But anyway, the place was called the "Sahara Tent" and the food was unique (Arabian food), the atmosphere was cheery (Prasad, Sue, Val, Lorraine , Siew Ling and me joined in) and the drinks were truly "refreshing". When I say refreshing I really mean 'jolts from the thunders of Thor' refreshing because I had the Arabian Coffee and the Tea, and good God, the taste of the coffee and tea was so full of flavor, it was as though they were liquid kicks in the teeth from the hind-legs of an Arabian horse. In other words, they were hot liquid lavas of flavor. Good delicious God. But in my opinion, I would not indulge on it on a weekly basis, thank you very much.

Anyway, after the food, coffee and tea (and Prasad had the shisha) there was a little surprise for our birthday boy. No, it was not a belly dancin’ Shakira (very sadly), but it was a repertoire of cakes for all of us to choose and indulge!!! 7 slices of different cakes with 7 candles for 7 different people. Nice icing for a happy night out. But to make it a surprise, that was a bit difficult. Val, Prasad and I had to distract Uncle while the cakes were being taken out from the fridge, put into a tray and serve to him while he is facing away from us, otherwise there’s no surprise. Luckily, things worked out and a feast of cake-swapping in hi-speed mode ensued and the cakes were gone (mostly thanks to Val with her sugar sweet appetite).

After the dinner, we wanted to sing 'K' but most places were full or had a waiting list, so we skipped the idea and went to a mamak stall instead with Uncle, Val, and Prasad in SS15 Subang. Watched Man Utd beat Birmingham and chit-chatted until 3am and adjourned for dreamland after that.

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