Of Food and well..more food

KL Weekend Break: 3rd ~ 6th April, 2009

Day 3: Sunday, 5th April '08

SL was finally free and so we decided to meet up for lunch. There was only one thing on my mind that moment and it was ‘char siew’ or roasted pork rice. Call it a craving, but I missed PJ Old Town’s famous ‘Kie Kee char siew’ rice terribly. If you don’t know of this place, it’s located inside of PJ Old Town’s food court. This food court is opposite the bus terminal (I’m not sure if the bus terminal is still operating anot tho haha) and it’s right next to the wet market. Google it up for better directions and map. Anyway, the ‘char siew’ rice is without doubt my favorite (although many would argue that their chicken rice tastes better, but I digress!!) The ‘char siew’ skin is as usual crispy (i.e. not too hard or too soft) and the meat, tender and not too salty. Add it with a dash of their sauce and the combination is just perfect. Furthermore, it’s very affordable as one serving is charged in the region of RM3.50. They don’t just serve roasted pork or chicken rice as their curry chicken is quite an offering too. So when your wallet is tight or when you are just craving for simple good food, give this place a try!!

Stuffed with crispy deliciousness, we wanted to unwind and decided on some coffee. We can’t really decide where to go, so we headed to for my favorite Old Town’ kopitiam spot at ‘The Village’ in ‘Bangsar South’. If you are not sure where it is, it’s nearby the ‘University LRT Station’ and Bukit Kerinchi. Furthermore, it’s on the way to KL along the Federal Highway so it’s a perfect spot for a cuppa wake-me-up (we decided on shopping in KL for the day. Typical us HA!). Why I favor this place so much? Well, for a place that is called ‘kopitiam’, it is surprisingly upscale with nice and plush deco embracing it’s every corner. And if you are there, do try to sit upstairs as there’s a small pool there to accompany your cup of java. But the most important thing is, the price of a cup of ‘kopi kao’ or any other drinks there is the same as any other ‘Old Town’ I’ve been to. And it’s not as noisy as the other ‘Old Town’ outlets, so it’s a nice and quiet spot to unwind and read the morning papers or whatever your fancy over a cup of coffee. Affordable yet elegant, now that’s my ideal coffee spot ;)

Fresh from my daily dose of coffee, we headed over to the ‘Pavilion’ for shopping. It wasn’t the sales season I know, but I just have to get some jeans as my last pair was torn to shreds (don’t ask how. If you do, I’ll just reply sharks did it. Beh). Went around and around and shop after shop, and still couldn’t get what I wanted. So mission failed. Sigh.

All these walking were making me hungry so we switched from hunting clothing to hunting food instead. Now most people will head to those fancy restaurants that’s littered around the 'Pavillion', but sometimes do try their food court. It’s kinda pricey I know but that place is actually loaded with a variety of culinary gems. My latest finding is the stall selling ‘Hong Kong Roast Duck’. You just have to taste it to believe it, it was very surprisingly good. Just the skin itself was already mouth-watering, it’s roasted with just enough of crispiness and it’s bursting with aroma. In fact, I can dare say it is almost as good as any plate of duck rice along those gastronomy streets of actual Hong Kong!

Did more shopping, did more chitchatting and more eating (had a bite of ‘JCo’ before going back home too) but I guess those foodie stuff was the real highlight of the day. Food or clubbing? Food or a bars? Food or a bottle of Chivas? Definitely, absolutely, positively, fooooood. And coffee. Yeah. And certainly that too. Until next time peeps!!

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