Dim Sum All-You-Can-Eat @ Renaissance's Dynasty Restaurant

Darn, so busy with stuff until my postings all out-dated kao-kao. Anyway, here's going way back to early May, the post for that Labor Day weekend (just for completion sake lah)...

KL Labour Day Weekend Break 30th April ~ 2nd May '09.
Day 2: Friday, 1st May '09

Went out to try the all-you-can-eat Dim Sum promo at Renaissance Hotel's 'Dynasty Restaurant'. Pay RM28 for 28 choices of Dim Sum to fulfill your all-you-can-eat desires, promotion lasts until end of May I heard. Bored with the Jalan Ipoh and streetside Dim Sum fare recently, so I was really itching to munch on better quality ones. Overall the quality is above average, and the price is fair that will come up to RM30 (including tax and service charge). If your hunger for Dim Sum is massive, then this promo is right up your alley. Here's some pics:

The usual suspects of 'har kao', 'siew mai', 'char siew pau' etc. All-you-can-eat, go grab some now!!

This is one my favourite that day, with the fancy name of 'rice flour roll with dough fritter'. Sometimes these people give names so 'geng' until dunno what is it unless you really see it yourself. *Sigh*.

A dish that is worth your all-you-can-eat money: 'Vineger braised pork trotter with egg'. Grab as much as you can, this one goes out real fast!!

Desserts are aplenty too, this one is obviously 'sea coconut with longan'. The longan comes in abundance, so grab grab grab!!!

And what is a Dim Sum session without a good ol' pot of warm tea? Kinda like the teapot. Hmmm...

Overall, spent 3 hours there and was stuffed to the max with Dim Sum. I think I counted 10 baskets, 2 congee, 2 braised pork, 2 rice flour roll and 3 desserts. Maybe I've over-loaded a little haha. I don't think I'll be touching Dim Sum soon after this... *Buurrrrrrrppp*

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