Headin' Back to KL On The 19th March...

Well, it's been a month already in Labuan, and you know what? It's time to head back to KL. Yup, I'll be taking a break from the blue Borneo skies and be heading back to the hazy rich environment of KL (I said 'rich', so I wasn't saying bad things about KL ok). My flight is confrimed on the the night of Wednesday, as Thursday is a public holiday, Friday I'll be on leave hence my break will strench all to the way to Monday. I'll be on leave on Monday too. So, 5 days in KL, what to do, what to do? SO FREAKIN' MANY DMMIT!! I want my regular morning doses of white coffee in 'Old Town' kopitiam, I want Ramli burger, I want 'Coffee Bean', I want traffic jams, I want long queues, I want big masses of people all around me, YES I'M GOING FREAKIN' NUTS coz you can't get these things in Labuan. So basically, I want the KL 'feel' back. KKKLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

And I want 'JCO' donuts. Lots of them. Yummy.

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