Back in KL on the 28th Aug to the 2nd Sept!!!

Again, so sorry for any update on my blog. IT’S SO DEAD. Sigh, no time to blog much as work is really stealing a lot of my time and energy away. And whenever I get back home, all I wanna do is just sit on my behind and vegetate in front of my TV. At times I vegetate so much, there’s a whole eco system evolving all over me. So wonderful, the miracle of nature, isn’t it?

But nature does take a break once in a while and I, the grand wonder of evolving nature will be heading back to Kuala Lumpur TODAY, the 28th August and be leaving on the 2nd September. So hope to see everyone that I know in KL very soon!!! Adios Labuan, hello KLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I wanna share something that I spotted during my regular shoppings for junk food and cheap beer. I went into a grocery shop and my eyes spotted bread. But its not just any bread…its:

Roti Kok. See the packaging? It even has sugar for that extra sweetness. Just imagine:

Dan: “Oh man, I’m so hungry!”
Jack: “Really? Fancy some kok?”
Dan: “That sounds so delicious!!!”
Jack: “What you want to have with it? Kok with tuna mayo?”
Dan: “Yes please!! The more mayo the merrier!! I like it when it drips from my….”

Ok the rest is censored. The end. See ya all in KL!!!!!!!!!

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