What's Your Travel Plans?

If you are able to visit a place or a city that totally did not exist, what would it be? For example, Metropolis from the world of ‘Superman’ or the hanging gardens of Babylon, what would be your choice of fictional destinations to visit? As for me, I know the places like Babylon or the Atlantis are historical places of interest, but a place that will buzz me up and help me reach nirvana is: Gotham City from the ‘Batman’ universe. Yes, bring on the crime, the killings and the murderers. I mean, heck, the place might look like the deepest hell-hole for crime, but the dark and mysterious aura that surrounds the place just…electrifies my decision to choose Gotham City as my fictional ‘paradise’ travel destination of choice. In fact, so much interest I have of this gothic city, I actually got myself a nice lookin’ map of the place just in case I get lost. No one should get lost in Gotham City. No one….

The heck with Bali, I’m moving to Gotham City. I’ll say ’hi’ to Batman for you.

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