Syabu Syabu @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Weekend of 26th & 27th January

This weekend’s highlight is definitely my gastronomic visit to Puchong’s Shabu Shabu restaurant. At RM 25 bucks, it’s all you can eat with non-stop helpings of baby octopus, generous slices of pork, mussels, fresh fish/meat balls and all sorts of stuff that will fill up your stomach happily. The drinks are on free-flow too, so no worries on the liquid requirements. The crowds can be big on weekends however (I have to wait for 40 minutes to get my seat. UUGGHHHH!!!!) But I guess the longer the wait, the tastier the food? Me, TK and SL sat there for more than 2 hours and until our stomachs had been filled to the last millimeter, we left with a few photo I captured:

WHat you see here is just a quarter of the full size of the whole ‘Kaiten’ belt. It's super long!! I think it’s the longest I’ve seen in Malaysia!!!

Generous slices of pork. Can’t get enough of it? Then just order another plate, it’s all you can eat!!!

The easy to use controls let’s you master your soup’s temperature to perfection.

Michael Veerapen @ Alexis, KL

Weekend of 19th & 20th January

The highlight for this weekend was to attended Michael Veerapen’s performance at Alexis Bar & Bistro at Menara Great Eastern. If you don’t know much about him, he is basically one of most renowned pianist in the Malaysian Jazz circle and his lively and brilliant showpieces can really entertain you until your heart is content. For a solid 2 hours that night, he gave his usual best with a superb show of melodic talent, wonderful chemistry with his live band members and bodily movements to rival Michael Jackson. OKLAH, he did not dance but the vocalist did dance and he was boogie-ing all over the stage floor. I honestly forgot his name but he had a row of ear-rings all across his right ear. Anybody can tell me he is? He was superb as his vocals were top-notch and he was so energetic he nearly stole the show from Michael. But of course, the star of the night will not be deterred away from him as his talent, reputation and chemistry with his band members will everlastingly elevate him to the altars of the Malaysian’s greatest jazz performers. More info about Michael Veerapan and Alexis' performer schedules can be obtained here.

Oh yeah, and the Tiramisu at Alexis is to DIE for. In-house made apparently with a generous dash of their in-house red wine, it is prepared to perfection. Yeahlah I have to admit I was abit hungry that night but what the heck, just to try it if you are dropping by there soon. Enjoy!!! Here are a few photos I (tried) to catch at Alexis:

Yummy drinks by the candlelight. Very romantic!!!

The crowd enjoying a blistering performance by Michael Veerapen and gang.

It's so good, even the waiters can't help themselves to admire the performance.

...and yes, it's absolutely free!!!

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