Back with Prezzies...

Before heading back to KL for the weekend, there was a bombardment of calls asking me to buy this and that (ciggies and alcohol tops the list). I got calls from people I know, and calls from people I still have no slightest clue who they were. Someone even called me ‘Rashid’ and asked for a carton of ‘Marlboro Lights.’ What, I’m now the ‘Labuan Pimp’ or something?! Anyway, went shopping to get those stuff you guys requested (see how good a guy I am? Bank money into my account NOW). Here’s what I got:

So many chocolates for SL: Want 'Cadbury's' Turkish Delight flavour? Or Peppermint flavour? How about Black Forrest? So many to choose, all for you ~~~ Only RM8.50 each, KL is selling for RM16.50 I think...

More chocolates for SL's sister, MM: Rich Strawberry chocolates and choco bombs from popular Japanese choco & shacks maker, 'Meiji'. Only RM7.50 each!!!

Japanese plum drink for QT: Sweet and sourish taste, but VERY nice to drink!!! Must try, must try ~~~ but its RM4 per can. But I think it's worth it!!!

Taiwanese (I think) beer for Dav.Q: Dunno nice anot ah, you said you wanted something unique, so I got this. Don't kill me if not nice ah !!

And of course, something for my mum and dad: 'DOM Benedictine Liquor'. It's medicine but it has 40% alcohol. Hmmmmm, now i know why it's so 'good'....

I think thats all I can bring over back to KL, I think anymore I'll be shot by customs officers. So, Jaq, Greg, BT, TK, Pique and the rest, but worry your 'Chivas' bottles are safe with me...for now.

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