The One With The Red She-Devil

Emma & Ellerique @ Vincenzo, Bangsar.

Weekend of 3rd & 4th November


There was so much hype before it happened and finally it has arrived. It is Emma & Ellerique’s friends party at Vicenzo Ristorante Italiano at Bangsar. It was planned waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when they had the ‘kenduri’ (3 months ago I think), and the discussions about it never stopped since because apparently Emma wanted the theme of the event to be ‘erotic’. Her decision sent shockwaves across the friendship peninsular as friend after friend started calling me up and asking “how to dress erotically and yet decently”. The f**k I know I replied, I’m not a regular to erotic clubs or bars, am I? *cough* Anyway, we joked among ourselves that we would dress up as bunny rabbits, guys will wear the bunny ears and the girls the bunny bushy tail as a tribute to the lord of eroticism (to me anyway), Mr. Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine. The only problem was how to get the actual bunny ears and tails. But that’s another problem, and we left it at that.

But when the time got nearer to the actual event, word spread that the erotic dressing up was just a hoax. Guys and gals do not need to dress up as personifications of horny jack-ass rabbits. Thank the Lord in Heaven (and with a little bit of regret). Anyway, the theme turned out to be pretty cool and simple: guys in black tops and gals in white top while everyone needed to wear some kind of head gear, be it a cap, sunglasses, bunny ears or dandruff. I wore a black shirt with a white loosened tie to go along with a white open headed cap (is that how you call it?). In fact I actually went shopping a few days before to look for that headgear. So Emma, don’t say I didn’t put any effort into this event k? ;)

The party was 6pm, and I, V, M carpooled with TK. Rushed like hell in fear of being late to the party but when we arrived, we discovered the party was in favorable accordance to traditional Malaysian culture. There was nobody there. As we didn’t want to be there before the hosts arrived, so we took some photos outside the place for fun (and looked mighty silly with our headgear), gallivanted through the concrete jungle of Bangsar and ended up in the all famous mamak stall that serves, arguably, the best apum in the land. For me, it was just so so - too sweet for my liking and too squishy squashy.

Returned back to the party and people started filling in, met with some unknown individuals, some I roughly know, and some I know but never met for a long, long time. And I’m talking about you, A. We spent so much time together in College, spent so much time trashing class rooms (until security guards need to patrol the corridors every few hours) and we wandered around KL without a thing to do, but it was still fun. I even went to your house, or is it your grandma’s house, for some good ol’ nasi lemak (which was super hot, had me sweating profusely and someone in your family duly laughed at me. Such sweet hospitality). Well, whatever new lives we are going through right now, hope we still keep in touch k.

But for beautification purposes, our hostess didn’t turn up until way late into the night. She had to put her costume on, make-up, Shalala, Shalala. But she eventually stole the limelight as she marched into the room in a red She-Devil costume equipped with horns (but I didn’t notice the devil’s fork. If she had it, it would have been perfect) and with that blazing banshee of a laugh that will either terrify you if you do not know her, or make you laugh along if you are familiar with it.

THAT's THE ONE! The blazing banshee of a She-Devil.

Anyway, we walloped whatever food that was on offer (and it was good actually, even if it was finger food. The spaghetti was top notch), chit-chatted, hooked up with old friends, gained new ones, took loads of photos, and generally had a blast. Oh, and they hired a caricature artist for the party, and most of us had our portraits drawn. Unfortunately, I was the last in the queue, and either the artist knows the world was about to end in 2 minutes time and had to rush back home, or the artist was a Man Utd or Arsenal fan (‘cause the game was starting on telly), the artist had me drawn the wrong way and it did not resemble me at all. Curse his poisonous pen!!!

The party adjourned and the clubbing people continued their partying by heading to their favorite joints afterwards while the football kakis went to a nearby mamak stall to attend the biggest match so far in the EPL season: Arsenal Vs. Man Utd. T, M, AN tagged along with me and TK, talked cock and discussed about plans for New Year’s Eve. The plan is still in its infancy so I dare not say anything at the moment, except that if it works out (and I really hope it does) it’s gonna be a blast. So, fingers and toes crossed for this one…

Anyway, you can get the whole package of UNRATED & UNCENSORED photos from my camera here.

And for the 'Kenduri' photos waaaaay back in August, click here (Sorrry for the HUGE delay, M).

Oh, and as an added bonus, here's a blooper reel caught before the party when a certain French director, aka Mousier Steeven Eng was trying to take a photo of me and M but instead took a video clip. Pure craftmanship from the Mousier...


Went to KLCC with SL and the highlight was this restaurant that we went, although not new, had one of the greatest beef noodle shop I have ever tasted so far. It’s called ‘Bong Sen’ located at the top floor of the shopping complex, and it labels itself as “French Vietnamese Cuisine”. After tasting some of the dishes on offer, I still had no idea which part of the food is French or Vietnamese. Being the true Malaysian I am, I hantam saja lah.

For appetizers I had this Vietnamese Spring Roll, which was sadly ordinary. I mean, you can get this stuff anywhere. It looks kinda special but really, make this a skip.

Now on to the main dish and man, let me tell you, if you like beef noodle soup, you just have to try this place. It’s called simply ‘Pho’ in Vietnamese but it packs quite a punch. I ordered the spicy beef noodle soup and the soup base is simply rich in aroma (you can even drink the soup on its on!). The noodles are gingerly soft and slice after slice of meat is readily to be enjoyed in abundance. And of course, let’s not forget the throne of it all: the beef balls. Once you sink your teeth into it, be prepared for an explosion of beef flavor that will satisfy the most stringent of tastebuds. A total of 6 flavor bombs float invitingly, waiting to satisfy. So, if you are beef lover, await not and head off to ‘Bong Sen’. It is indeed the best beef noodle soup I’ve had thus far.

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