Gone Gardening...

I’ve been passing by the 'Garden Café' in 1 Utama for so many times, and yet I didn’t get the chance to try it out. Well, during the weekend when me, SL and TK were in 1 Utama catching a movie, the chance finally came (and after walking around 1U new wing for God knows how long thinking of what to eat, trying to avoid the usual Nando’s, McD’s etc).

On the outside the place looks wonderful, nice concept and fresh. But once seated, I dunno, I got abit uncomfortable. Probably all those fake plastic flowery deco still isn’t as authentic as I thought. I always liked a cozy restaurant to dine, with lights down low and seats comfortable, y’know? But for this place…well…it’s quite the opposite. The lights are way bright (imitating sun light perhaps?), the seats are too up-tight and the place is too quiet. I mean, where’s the birds and the bees? Probably I had too high expectations…

As for the food? Well…we had this for dinner:

Garden Fish & Chips ordered by TK. Just original isn't it, TK?

Congee ordered by SL. At least this one had plenty of sides to munch on.

Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop ordered by me. Nothing to shout about, but still 'boleh tahan' lah. But, it's hard to wrong with black pepper dishes isn't it?

As for the drinks, I had the Camomile tea. I think this place is more suited to tea/coffee drinking and than the food.

Iced Honey Lemon. Nice touch with the flower. But it's just plastic. Beh.

Plastic flowers and little garden ornaments are tastefully placed around the place. But if you look closely...everything you see has a price tag. Potong steam ahhhhh....

Kudos to them for having someone playing the piano once in a while for the diners.

So overall, is it worth it? Well, to be honest it's just an ideal place for photo-taking and provides a great opportunity to post nice food photos on everyone's own blog. Food wise, it's nothing special, just ordinary. I wouldn't be making reservations at this place any time soon though...

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