The Official 'The Dark Knight' Trailer In Full-Screen (almost) Quicktime Format !!!

More posters from the ‘The Dark Knight’ are emerging all over and the here is the latest bunch:

My favorite is definitely the one with the Joker, “Why so serious?” I’ll pop up Mr. Sunshine onto my room wall any day.

As if the posters aren’t enough for you, here’s the official almighty, all-coolness, all-crystal clear trailer of “The Dark Knight” in various glorious Quicktime modes for your sensual sweet enjoyment!!! Watch it, admire it, download it, wank it, heck just click here for it!!!

If the above is too massive a task for you, here's a smaller version (although not as big and less cool) for ya:

The continuation of the 'Batman' saga is turning out to be very, very kick-ass indeed...

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