The weekend that was SHIT

Weekend of ‘Jan 20 ~ ‘Jan 21.


If I need to sum up this weekend in a word, it would be SHIT. First, the wedding dinner on Saturday I had to sit with my boss. I have no qualms with my boss, but it’s just that he LOVES to drink. And I got to qualms about that too. But the problem is, he LOVES to drink with others, and he stuffs you with so much hard liquor on your glass that u will be sipping alcohol through your pores. I went out to drink with him so many times and I dread it every time. I mean I love to drink to get tipsy you know, to get all high and laugh at anything with friends. But not get piss-ass drunk till you choke on your own vomit laying on the bathroom floor screaming for ‘mama’ through bits of dinner gunk on the tips of my slimy lips. Enough was enough, I quietly changed seats in the middle of the 3rd food serving. Good riddance to him.

Overall the dinner was kinda fun, as we don’t get the chance for the whole office gang to hang out often. We took lotsa pix and ate fantastically as the food was surprisingly good (for a wedding reception). It’s a place in Nilai (near the Nilai toll gate) called Restoran Loon Sing and this place was built like a bloody villa, with ample parking space. And inside, it’s huge. It can accommodate maybe 150 ++ tables? No idea, just an estimate but its BIG.

Food to look out for: “The Buddha Jumping Over The Wall” (Chinese dish lah). With a name like that you cannot possibly go wrong can you? I wonder what’s next, I just can’t wait for something called “Uncle Lim Giving Me Money” or “Ang Pow Everyday”. But seriously folks, a dish called “Buddha Palm” would be good: each of Buddha’s fingers will have delicious and scrumptious Chinese delicacies. Now fill in each finger with your favorite Chinese delicacy. Now imagine. YuuuuMmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well the dinner ended at approx 10:30pm, (early leh), I called some frens for yamca but everyone got plans already (sigh). So went back home and played my PS2 instead. I kicked some serious ass on Pro Evo 6 (football game). Satisfied with myself, I went to bed at 4am. (still early leh).


As any football fan will know, Saturday night had a game with Chelsea visiting Liverpool. With the dinner going on last night, I had to miss the game. So I PURPOSELY save myself from the final score so that I can watch the re-run on Sunday 1:00pm with greater excitement and anticipation. But before I can even on my TV, my mum screamed right in front of my face that CHELSEA LOST. I immediately ran off to take a cold shower and screamed. Ok fine, I knew the outcome. But I dunno the score and how the game went right? Ok ok, no problems, I came out of the cold shower and sat down again. But before I can switch the TV back on, my mum came out of nowhere and screamed THEY LOST 2-0 AND KUYT AND PENNANT SCORED AND THIS AND THAT. At that moment I smashed my head against the TV and screamed.

Well, what to do. This kinda thing happens. With my head safety back out of the dead TV, I went out to Ampang to see SL. I was totally out of mood to chat and all that, so we quickly went to Sushi King to makan makan, and went up to an area in Ampang with a spectacular view of KL and a cool breeze and we both chit chatted and read my novel. With a hot mocha latte to boot, I was back to my good old self again. ~~*bliss*~~.

As any football fan will also know, Sunday midnight was Man Utd visiting Arsenal. So before I let my mum have to chance to screw up things further, I arranged with my footie pals to a mamak stall in Sunway to watch the game. The mamak stall was full, the crowd was in ecstatic mood and the food was delicious (I was as usual hungry).

I burst into joy when Rooney nodded in the lead. With Chelsea losing and MU leading 1-0, this weekend was gonna be good after all. But how cruel life is. Around 20 minutes later Arsenal equaled with a fine Van Persie goal, and an even finer flick from maestro Henry for V. Persie to score. But the big stab to my small humble heart was during the very last minute, the very last second even, Arsenal scored the winner through a Henry goal that gave all the glory to Arsenal.

From Man Utd leading 1-0, they ended up losing 1-2. How cruel life is. I left the mamak with my head down and my heart exploded with a giant Arsenal knife sticking to it. And that same knife is still sticking to my heart even till this day. The weekend was indeed, SHIT.

“Before the shit hits the fan, run!!”

"Under Renovations To Serve You Better"

TaADaAAAA~~~~ Welcome my new blog !! Well, my previous blog site needed some “under renovations to serve you better” so in the mean time here’s my temp blog!!

I know, I know, its not fancy dancy nancy, but what the heck, it serves me just right. I’m not a fancy person to boot anyways.To start off, I’m not a “minute by minute of my life” blogger. I prefer to summarize and put things in one big bag of mess which I bloody like very much ;)

I’ll post more in the very near future (as in actual postings and not alphabet gibberish).Come back soon for postings on my last weekend!!

Bwai bwai for nowww~~~~

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