The Devils (Re)Visited

Went to the Man Utd training session the Friday the 17th July. Was supposed to go to the actual match on Saturday, but had more important things to do (i.e. a photoshoot). Not much regret ‘cause the 2 players I really, REALLY wanted to see above all else was Carlos Tevez and of course, Christiano Ronaldo. Too bad, both are now gone to pastures anew. The new recruits for this year i.e. Valencia and Obertan ain’t nothing much to shout about, while Michael Owen, well, not much as a fan either since he’s an ex-Scouser haha. If only they came last year, while Ronaldo and Tevez were still in the team, it would have been perfect. Last year was also when they won the Premier League and the Champions League, so I’m sure the euphoria would be out of this world. Plus the cancellation of the Man Utd tour in 2007 due to the clash with the Asian Cup being held in KL, there goes the chance of seeing Ronaldo and Tevez running rings around Malaysian defenders in a red shirt of Man Utd (thank you very much Mr. Peter Velappan).

So far, I've seen Man Utd in 2001 during their last visit to KL (when Beckham and Co. was around); Chelsea, Newcastle, and Birmingham City during the 'Premier League Asia Thorphy' tournament in 2003 in Malaysia; Arsenal waaaaay back in 1999 (all hail Dennis Bergkamp); Real Madrid Vs. Valladolid in Madrid itself (during my UK years); and a few League Two matches (it was some match between Barnet, Northamption, Screwsbury and Hereford I think...can't remember which versus which already haha).

But the training session was still fun, and heck since it’s free, why the hell not….

So the only team I haven't seen on Malaysian shores is Liverpool...Somebody make them change their sponsors please??!!

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