Weekend of 20th & 21st October

The highlight of the weekend is the dinner at this fantastic but simple restaurant in Puchong (opposite Giant). It’s called ‘Syabu Syabu’ and it serves, well, syabu syabu. For RM25 bucks it is all you can eat and yes, it is definitely worth it (if you are a major eater like me). They serve nothing really outstanding but what they lack, they make it up with variety as the conveyer belt just keep on churning out dish after dish of fish balls, meat balls, lobster balls, crab balls, every freakin’ balls you can think of it is there (except for the 2 balls in between your legs. Guys I mean). Besides balls, there’s baby octopus, spring rolls, tofu, quail eggs, slices of fish, slices of chicken, etc etc etc and on and on and on. Need I say more? Besides, the soup base they provide is delicious, i.e. it is clear and not too much MSG. They also provide good chili and soy sauce mixed with fried onions (good combo) in abundance, so chili sauce lovers not need worry. As for the drinks, it was however lacking in variety as I noticed they only serve green tea, orange juice and Ribena ice sludge (which is tastier than it sounds).

All in all, definitely worth the suffering of an over-bloated stomach from too much eating and may I warn you that the crowd during the weekends is horrendous, i.e. you will have to wait a solid 1 hour on average just to get your seat. So, either you go way early or reserve your seats. But reservations do not work all the time as if the crowd gets way too thick, they drop reservations and it is all ‘first come first served’ basis. However, they do a good job in providing seats as they have the courtesy to call you on your mobile phone if you have wandered to Giant or other shops while waiting the long wait. So, be smart and give them your mobile phone number…

After that fulfilling dinner, went to ‘Maison’ in Asian Heritage Row, KL for a friend’s birthday bash. Did what everyone is supposed to do in a club, mamak abit and left for home at 5am.

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