The Attack of the Vader

I was surfing the net the other night and I bumped into this video which I think was freaking hilarious!!! It's about Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies walking around and stalking the bewildered people of America. I mean, I love Star Wars and seeing Darth Vader walking around town and asking people to join the Empire just makes me burst out laughing silly. Makes me wanna join the Empire immediately!!! OH DARTH VADER, COMMAND ME LORD!!!! Darth Vader wants you too:

The Employees Strike Back

Is your boss giving you too much preassure? Is your office wearing you down? Are your colleagues giving you a hard time? All things bad are happening to you, and all you need is a nice cold beer to calm things down. You want it now, but are still in the office. What do you do, what do you do??? But in fact, you can have beer in the office!!! How, you ask? Read on, dear reader, for your thirst quenching answer...

What beer? There's no beer...

I still don't see no beer...

Oh this is gooood....very very good....

Food, Glorious Food...

Weekend of 15th & 16th Sept.

Last weekend didn’t really do much, except to eat, eat & eat. ‘Cause there were so MANY food promos out there, which most people didn’t even realize it existed. For example, did you know that all restaurants in Nikko Hotel are offering 50% off if you charge your bill to ‘Citibank’ credit card? Heck, that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. There’s a Jap restaurant in Nikko Hotel called ‘Benkay Japanese Restaurant’ which I tried a few weeks ago. The food is not that great (standard stuff if you ask me), but if it’s 50% off, I mean, that makes it great dammit!!!

But if that was great, then wait ‘till you hear this. Just opened at Damansara Uptown was a second branch from ‘Izzi Resaurant’ and for its opening promotion, it offered 75% off total bill when you use ‘HSBC’ credit cards. Needless to say, I took a bunch of friends over there and raided the place like we were cops on a ecstasy drug bust. Downside was, we had to queue for almost an hour to get in there, but it was freakin’ worth it. The food was Italian fare, i.e. spaghettis & pizzas, but the choice was quite numerous and the drinks were bottomless. In the end, total bill stood at RM 160 (4 pax) before discount and after discount it was just RM 42. So each of us only paid RM 10 for a whole stash of food (check out the bill for the food we ordered). Hallelujah and God bless promos:

Yup. Saved on the wallet, but added on the weight. Oh well. ‘Izzi’ was on Sunday using ‘HSBC’. Saturday, it was ‘Citibank’s turn at ‘Planet Hollywood’. Yes, more promos, this time it was 50% off on selected dishes. I had the Chicken Fajitas which was good, but my friend had the Fish & Chips which I stole a few bites and I think it was fantastic. Definitely recommended!!! Total bill was RM 80 (3 pax) from an original RM 150. Delightful. And during the meal, we met an English bloke on vacation in KL, and he was a Spurs fan. It was Arsenal vs. Tottenham on telly, and Arsenal trashed Tottenham 3-1 from a goal down. Needless to say, that bloke went mentally pissed off. Damn I love English fans.

And the foodie promo extravaganza didn’t stop there. ‘Sushi King’ had a promo recently with their Privilege Cards, offering RM 2 on all dishes from the Kaiten belt. I went on a weekday, and yes, the main target was definitely the salmon/smoked salmon, and I had 8 plates on my own, not counting other dishes. After that day, fishes would be scared shitless of me. Dead salmons in supermarkets will slither back to life and crawl away from me. Bbbwwahhaahhaah. And I like it…Spent RM 35 bucks there, but it was all worth it…God bless promos.

'Heroes': Season 2

I love ‘Heroes’ to bits, I mean I watched it religiously on Astro every week and then I downloaded the same episodes from the net. And watched it daily. Yes, besides Jack Bauer from ‘24’, Hiro rocks my balls for some reason (not in a gay way, mind you). Probably he reminds me a little of myself: I know I can do great things, but I’m just scared of it. Sigh. Anyway, ‘Heroes’ Season 2 is about to premiere in America and I caught a clip of the advert. Here it is (Claire still looks great, in fact, hell everyone looks great. God I miss this series):

Can't waitttttt.....

Some Juicy Indiana Jones News..

News just broke regarding a little of what Indy 4 has in store from:

The highlight of it is that:

"Apparently, the Soviet Army was searching for a crucifix skull in the jungles of South America and Indiana Jones was searching, as well.

The Russian Army tries blackmailing Indiana Jones to help them find the crystal skull by threatening to kill Karen, his old flame from the Lost Ark.

Actress Karen Allen of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” fame returns to play Jones’ love interest Marion Ravenwood. Cate Blanchett was cast as the Russian interrogator.

The Soviet Army took Indiana Jones hostage and managed to find the skull. Afterward, other Russian soldiers rejoice in the jungle by wildly dancing and singing to Russian balalaika folk music beside a roaring campfire.

On a particular scene, the film crew were filming inside a tent and in it was Harrison Ford strapped in a chair being interrogated. They were holding this big crystal-looking thing in the tent and a crytal or crucifix skull was being mentioned.

In the movie, Indiana actor Shia LaBeouf plays Indiana Jones’ son. Jones learns of this and falls in love with Ravenwood again."

Whooaaaaaa, sounds plain-o lame-o. God, I hope this movie turns out right. I really, really do...

Indiana Jones & The Official Movie Title

The news is EVERYWHERE, so i might as well hop onto the Indy wagon. It's oficial, it's verified and it's the truth: Indiana Jones' IV title will be:
Yup. Honestly, it sounds abit corny but...'Transformers' sounds lame too but it rocked. Hard. So, we got the tile, but have we any clue to what the heck is the latest Indy advanture is all about? Well according to stuff being published on reputable websites, it's basically:

"The crystal skulls turn out to be alien skulls, underneath a Mayan or Aztec pyramid that takes off and thus reveals itself to be a mothership of sorts."

Again, sounds corny. But with Steven Spielberg directing and George Lucas producing, we may still have a gem of a crytal on our hands...

And the guys and girls in the movie are Harrison Ford (of course), Shia Lebeouf, Cate Blanchett, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone, John Hurt & Karen Allen. Sounds like a solid cast, hope the movie is just as solid.

Of Bali and Rambo

I'm back from Bali, and it was a major blast (and i mean it the fun way, not a bomb blast darn it). I was there from 28th Aug to the 1st Sept (5 super days!!) and i'll tell about it later in my upcoming blog post, 'cause now i'm waaaaay too submerged in playing catch-up with work. Anyway, here's a peak into what i've seen in Bali, taken from my Cam, and man, that place was beautiful. It's a Paradise blessed with welcoming people, and touched by God's inspired hand:

But enough of that mushy niceness!!! While I was away relaxing, Johnny Rambo seemed to be quite busy and he even put up a trailer for his upcoming movie. Here’s the scoop just to share it with you guys. So let there be bullets, carnage, body amputations and fountains of blood!!! Go Johnny go!!! - Watch more free videos

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