Of Bali and Rambo

I'm back from Bali, and it was a major blast (and i mean it the fun way, not a bomb blast darn it). I was there from 28th Aug to the 1st Sept (5 super days!!) and i'll tell about it later in my upcoming blog post, 'cause now i'm waaaaay too submerged in playing catch-up with work. Anyway, here's a peak into what i've seen in Bali, taken from my Cam, and man, that place was beautiful. It's a Paradise blessed with welcoming people, and touched by God's inspired hand:

But enough of that mushy niceness!!! While I was away relaxing, Johnny Rambo seemed to be quite busy and he even put up a trailer for his upcoming movie. Here’s the scoop just to share it with you guys. So let there be bullets, carnage, body amputations and fountains of blood!!! Go Johnny go!!!

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