Of birds & eats during Malaysia Day Weekend

Thursday ~ 16th September 2010

What a peculiarly long Malaysia Day weekend. Things kicked-off on Thursday (which was Malaysia Day) with my question “who was Tan Cheng Lock?” Somebody mentioned “Jalan Tan Cheng Lock” in the car, and out popped this question from my mouth. What a question to ask on a day like Malaysia Day. Patriotic, aren’t I? And from that question onwards, I guess I pissed off the Gods of Patriotism (if there is one), and all plans went out the car window as me, Uncle, Maj & Jon drove intently for the famous Curry Fishhead in Kampung Attap (closed) and onwards for the Nasi Lemak in Jalan Tanglin (closed) but somehow ended up at the KL Bird Park. If anyone even had possibly somehow guessed that we might have ended up at the KL Bird Park with the original intent for Curry Fish Head, I totally respect you for your zaniness. Not only we had lunch at the Bird Park (Hornbill restaurant), but we even paid the park a visit. How utterly random was that. That’s why I just had to post this on this blog, ‘cause afterall, my blog’s called Random Rabbit Holes (Geddit? Geddit? Random? Ha!) The park was pretty cool, very decent and very well maintained. No wonder the “Domestic Goddess of USA” Martha Stewart even stopped by. Didn’t bring my DSLR along (remember: we left home with curry fish head in mind) but here some snapshots in random:

Never speak randomly to birds!!!

Friday ~ 17th September, 2010.

Work work work, sad sad sad.

Saturday ~ 18th September, 2010.

It was jalan-jalan cari makan time and this time it’s Hainanese food, and it no other that ‘Restaurant Yut Kee’. Tucked away quietly and somehow untouched by time along Jalan Dang Wangi, this coffee-shop serves delectable Hainanese fare at reasonable prices. Famous servings are such as chicken/pork chops, noodles, roti bakar, kaya rolls and even marble cakes. There’s more in store of course, but here’s what me, Uncle and to some extent, SL ordered:

Forget Old Town Kopitiam, forget PapaRich. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL RIGHT HERE. The kaya is rich is flavor, the bread crunchy and Bridel salted butter. HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY GO WRONG??!!

Kaya rolls. The kaya simply made it great. But the skin is just normal only tho.

One of the best roasted pork I've ever tasted. Comes with apple sauce. Skin is delectably crunchy and brittle with the meat tender and succulent. SIMPLY DELICIOUS.

The standard order here is hainan chicken/pork chop. Hence, I ordered the chicken. The gravy made it worthwhile, but sadly the potato wedges were not so top-notch.

Uncle's order. Good?

Evening fell and arranged to meet up at Maj’s place for dinner as she had some sudden craving for ‘Chicken Mee Suah’. The gang of me, Nei, Uncle, Maj and Jon were there. Very nice dinner and appreciate the effort, ‘cause dinner came will nicely decorated table arrangements and all. Felt like the Ritz minus the service charge!

After dinner and a SUPERB movie i.e ‘The Decent’, is where the zaniness started. Instead of practicing for a dance thingy to be recorded for a friend’s wedding, we ended up playing Saidina instead. God knows how long ago I’ve played this board game (last 20 years ago???) and it showed. 15 minutes into the game, I’ve gone bankrupt. Yes, bankrupt. 15 minutes. Won’t be appearing in the front page of the latest Fortune 500 mag anytime soon (or will appear for all the wrong reasons). Jon kicked major @SS as he swept through all the player’s fortune like a ‘Tai-Yee-Lung’ (illegal debt collector) hell-bent on bankrupting each and everyone with his over-luxurious-RM4,000-a-nite-hotels-in-oh-so-glam-places-like-Taiping. The remaining players even ganged up to topple this living freak manifestation of capitalism, but to no avail. Alas, the game ended with the utter annihilation of the consortium known as M-U-R-N (Maj-Uncle-Ray-Nei - sounds like mourn). This game shows clearly that capitalism rules the world whereby the rich get richer and the poor just gets trampled over and die, or live puny lives similar to any low-grade bacteria existing by the dirtiest corner of one’s little toe. Am I even able to contemplate another round of this devilish amusement of the greedy, and dare to face the possibility of re-living this ghastly experience of all over again? God (and Satan) only knows.

Sunday ~ 19th September, 2010.

Went to see ‘Devil’ at GSC 1U. Not the normal summer blockbuster fare, shot with a minimalist budget and with B-list actors, this first-part-of-three saga called ‘The Night Chronicles’ from the twisted mind of M. Night Shayamalan was a decent movie with a very simplistic core storyline but done with enough twists and psychological mind-bending that it just touches that satisfactory button enough to leave the cinema not regretting the price of the movie ticket paid. It’s the kind of movie that one either likes or dislikes, I’ll personally give it a 6 out of 10.

Dinner time, and me and Uncle headed off to Sunway Giza for ‘New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice (a branch from the one in Jalan Gasing) and of course, watched THAT footie game between none other than the greatest rivalry in English football history: Manchester United Vs. Liverpool. Suffice to say who won by now, and I can only produce to you one and only one word: BERBA-TOP. Watched at a new bar called ‘The Beer Factory’, we went adventurous and tried-out some German beer called ‘Erdinger Weiss Beer’. Verdict? It will definitely appeal to the ones that prefer light beer. Hoegaarden fans, this is another option for you lot. When all was done and settled, went back to Subang (with a stop-over for McD ice-cream to boot) by around midnight.

Until next time, cheers.

Gone Up North: A Weekend in Penang

Went to Penang on a recent short trip a few weekends ago together with a slice of the usual travel gang. One would expect any Penang trip to be filled will over-zealous food devouring and go on that customary trip up the ‘Kek Lok Si’ (which we did that of course. It’s Penang after all!!) But Penang is certainly so much more than that, and going off this beaten path abit, we tried-out the ‘Khoo Kongsi’, a clan house of the Leong San Tong clan. A tourist spot nonetheless (complete with ‘visitor’ sticker required for visiting after completing with the entrance fee), but the ‘Khoo Kongsi’ doesn’t always frequently pop-up into the mind of many individuals whenever they visit Penang. But after experiencing this place, I seriously think everyone should. Here’s a photo journey of the place as well as other places/events that we came across.

The facade of the Khoo Kongsi.

Detailed decorations of the building.

How did it take them to complete this? Amazing.

From a different angle.

At the entrance of the Khoo Kongsi.

The timeless interior. A classical ambiance of a world prosperious.

Notice the old grandfather clock? Simply classical.

One of the many murals garces the walls of the Khoo Kongsi.

Pictures do no justice to the grace and spendor to the beautiful murals. You just have to see it for yourselves.

The new addition of the majestic rooftop for the Kuan Yi @ the Kek Lok Si.

The gang @ the Kek Lok Si.

Tortoises showing us the good life @ the Kek Lok Si.

It was the Hungry Ghost month, and the traditionals show are out on display. Haven't seen these kind of shows in decades!

There always some peculiar lure to see how things work backstage. Here's the band playing the accompanying music to the show.

An "all dressed-up" uncle and his cello for the show, with drink standing-by. I like this pic.

As usual, there's more on Facebook. See you there. Cheers.

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