If Nothing Ever Changed, There'd Be No Butterflies.

Another chapter on my life is about to end. I’ve resigned from working in Labuan, Sabah and will be permanently (as far as I know at the moment!!!) back to Kuala Lumpur for good. It’s not a transfer, but a change of company. Some might already know where I’ll be going, but it’ll still be in the same industry.

Resigning so fast? Well, why not? An opportunity presented itself, and after weighing out the pros and cons of all the options I had, coming back was the best option. Was it for family? The obvious answer to many, it was. Well, it was and it was not. The new job had a better job offer overall and I just had to take it.

But financial perks aside, deep down in my heart it was for the best. I’ll be close to my family, to my wife and to my friends, which is the most important of all. Afterall, money only come and go, but a good strong family and friends stay with you to the very end.

Any regrets working in Labuan after all these while? I can sincerely tell you I had no regrets whatsoever. Working in Labuan is so much different than working in KL. Colleagues here are truly colleagues, they help and support you to the very end. Unlike the usual finger pointing and blame culture in KL (generalizing here), working in Labuan was tough but it was sincere hard work. No political BS, no cronnies or groupies, no conspiracies. Work, sweat and glory.

So, looking forward to working back in KL? To be very honest with you, I am not. New environment, new changes, new everything. But I guess he who rejects change is the architect of decay. Life moves forward, weather you like it or not.

On another note. I realized there are so many tough decisions to make over these past 2 years. From deciding to get married, deciding to work in Labuan and decide to come back, and a few other family decisions that I can’t reveal here. Sometimes I linger in the dark in my bedroom alone at night and think, have I made the right decisions, the best decisions? God only knows. I can only think so much, risk so much, do so much. I guess God only help those who help themselves. At least I’ve tried.

Until next time.

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