Just Married!!!

…And thus I got married. Yup, had the Big Day on the 3rd October 2009. Why? It’s a massively auspicious day for the Chinese as it coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival. So old ladies and the like scuttle couples to tie the knot regardless of whatsoever and in a nothing-else-matters-do-it-or-lose-it manner, as though doom and gloom would befall any that don’t get together on this great day of fortune. And that’s more or else how the date was set for me. How romantic.

Anyway, my wedding schedule is abit plump & twisted. Had the dinner 1st, then a buffet at my place, only then had the actual day, and then moved to Ipoh to entertain those relatives there. All in a space of 3 weeks, weekend after weekend starting from 27th Sept to 10th October.

In the end, I felt like I got married 3 times, 3 weekends in a row. But luckily only 1 ring on my finger ;)

So I wonder who’s next……..?

Bride and Groom welcomes you to our KL dinner!!!

A white bachelor party/buffet @ my crib. No, that's not my personal stash of Grade A coke, it's flour, and LOTS of them. But maybe I got my coke mixed with the flour somehow. See how high that girl is?

Soaking up the cool pool (private, no less) @ Ritz-Garden hotel for my Ipoh dinner. Looks calm and chilled-out at the pool? Well, LOTS more happened after this was taken...

With some good friends at the wedding dinner @ Ipoh.

Out and about in Ipoh and stop-over in Gopeng. Gua Tumpurung that is, and our usual cam-whoring devils were let out to play. And proud off it, mind you. ;)

Well, would like to show more, but not in an open medium like a blog ;) Hop on to my facebook page for more scandalous moments to wet any grimy tastebuds. Rwwwrrrrr!!!!

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