Of Food and K...

Ahhhh.....The morning is rainy again, no mood to work yet again, and thus my blog comes a-calling!! Massive windy rains last nite by the way, dustbins and garbage strewned all over, windows smashed from flying debris, tents akimbo, signboards awry, but enough of my room already, here's some updates on weeks past....

No, didn't go woody horse-riding, it's actually the front of Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Center. Come, come, follow me and I'll shall you what's on offer...

Promo promo promo: Buy 1 dimsum dish and free another @ Ming Room, BSC. This one is the pomfret, 2 bowls of it for only RM8. And yes, it is delicious!! It's so good, I had to order 2 bowls...

'Chee Cheong Fun' warpped in 'Yau Char Kuai'. One of my mostest favouritest dishes for Dim Sim. Crunchy crunchy 'Yau Char Kuai', again had to order 2...Btw, that chilli concoction is to die forrrr.

Don't remember what this was, but it's something fried tinged with dashes of mayonise. Caterpillar perhaps? Maybe not in a place like Bangsar. But it was yummy yummy yummy nonetheless.

Of course, what is Dim Sum without the 'Siew Mai' and 'Har Kao'. But to be honest, these dishes here wasn't that good. I've had much better someplace else. Quite a shock that this was just so-so but the rest of the not-so-popular dishes was so good.

But enough of Dim Sum. Time to get some flower-power going. And no, nobody gave that flower to me unfortunately (and contrary to popular belief, guys DO appreciate getting flowers too y'know. Sounds completely weird, but besides the usual stuff that gals give guys, i.e. CDs, ties, shirts etc., some cool flowers are a new and modern way to go. Cool flowers? Purple roses rock). But enough of my feminine side, here's me @ Meatworks, Solaris Damansara for some meaty action (steaks and all, not call girls).

The T-Bone @ Meatworks, Solaris Damansara: Simple it may seem, but its surprising yummy. Good place for your meat fetishes...I guarantee it.

The Rib-Eye @ Meatworks, Solaris Damansara: Succulent and tender meat made to perfection. I'm saying this not because they gave me a free meal or anything, but this place is GOOD. I bumped into this place at Solaris when Tenji was fully-booked, and still am glad Tenji was fully-booked.

Flower Power!!! Nothing like a cuppa hot warm tea to wash down the meat grease. Ok that sounds yucky but it's true...

And on the same night, joined some frens for some K-Session @ Red-Box, Sunway (now you guys know why I was so late. But fret not, the Meatworks was for a good cause, i.e. to celebrate SL's achievement is some academic certification, so I have my alibi!!)

...and when you take off the top from the mike, it becomes a Lightsaber!!! Luke, I AM YOUR FATHER!!! The Force is indeed all around us.

*Wooot Wooot!!!!*

And that's all for now lah. More updates on my next post. Cioz!!

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