Shrimped Out @ Bubba Gump, Sunway

KL Weekend Break: 3rd ~ 6th April, 2009

Day 2: 4th April, '09.

It has been so long since I’ve met up with the old friends from my ex-company. I honestly forgot when was our last meeting…was it at KLCC? I only remember meeting SC at the Curve with SL last year. It has been way too long, and since I’m coming back for a long weekend, I guess it’s time to meet up again.

We were very close last time and got along very well with B, K, SC, and a few others. Now with our new jobs and new commitments, we somewhat drifted apart a little. But we always try to stay as close as possible, no matter what. We used to work together at some company selling electronic stuff, like projectors, LCDs, Plasma, etc. At the time I was there, the company was quite established, having a showroom in Mid-Valley and a grand showroom in KLCC. But, maybe due to mis-management, it was downhill from there. Anyway, after work we would go out for dinners in Mid-Valley (we are based in MV) and watch movies almost every Wednesday (only RM6!!), went together for trips and just basically played around in the office (we just graduated then, so working was not taken so seriously, just waiting for that BIG company to join later!! But that’s just me anyway…). For that one year in that period of my life, it had many of the most memorable moments I’ve ever experienced.

As many were in the Sunway area, we met up at Pyramid and went to ‘Bubba Gump’ for dinner (we were supposed to go to Yaki-Yaki Japanese Buffet!!! Aaaarrghhh!!!) But I’ve never tried ‘Bubba’ so it’s worth a shot. ‘Bubba Gump’ sounds very familiar right, that’s because it’s a spin-off from that old Tom Hanks movie ‘Forrest Gump’. ‘Bubba Gump’ is actually the shrimp company that Forrest Gump set up after the movie, and because of its tries with the movie, memorabilia are extensively displayed around the restaurant, i.e. a dress worn by Jenny, Forrest’s girlfriend in the movie, army hardhats, signed posters, etc (but are they original? The waiters claim it is…hhhmmm…). Good for taking photos with tho!!!

But all in all, the ambiance is fun, the service is great and the most importantly, the food is…well…somewhat limited in variety, but it is still good nonetheless. Hence its name ‘Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co’, its main offering is…well…shrimp (i.e. prawns, to the uninitiated). Fried shrimp, fresh shrimp, shrimp this and shrimp that, you name it and most probably they got it…probably. But besides that, they got other food like steaks, pasta etc. But when the place’s name is shouting out Shrimp, you just have to try its shrimp right? All in all, a fun place for innocent fun birthdays, gatherings and all that. Ambiance is nice, kinda pricey (equivalent to TGI and Chili’s) and the service is top-notch. Why? Just view the pictures to find out ;)

Before going for dinner, we went house-visiting at B's new home!!! Thanks for inviting us in and thanks for the 'grape champagne' was...sweet haha.

FoOooOoD!!! It's the 'Shrimper's Heaven' @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., combo of 4 shrimps variety in their menu...

Here's a close-up...tempting isn't it?

The 'Bourbon Street Baramundi'...quite tasty, but got small beware!!

The ' Choco Chip Cookie' dessert...Abit toooo sweet...but still yummy nonetheless!!!

Shopping at their little stall? No, just tumpang their glamour for a photo hahah..

Ah K cannot tahan all these photo-taking until have to call police bad...

And finally...chocolates, so me? AwwWwwWwwwW....

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