Do you Jimmy?

Do you follow Jimmy Kimmel? Although I always prefered Jay Leno (miss that guy's jokes man) but sometimes Jimmy's freakin' hilarious. The things you can see in his shows and the jokes he makes are at times super darn funny. There were so many times I broke out laughing in the middle of the night watching him and just literally woke up the neighbours (honest!!). Here's one of the best moments from the show, it is when Sarah Silverman was being interviewed by Jimmy. They broke up earlier. And this is her present to him:

**(F-Words are blipped, so don't worry ;p & the background music can be turned off at the bottom of this blog)**

And Jimmy would not just let it go away, here's Jimmy's revenge!! What a comeback mannnn..(just watch the entire clip!!)

And you wonder why Matt Damon did the clip fro Sarah Silverman? Here's why...

There's never enough time for Matt Damon!! So do we, so goooooood night everyone!!!

KL Weekend Break ~ 3rd to 6th April 2009.

Day 1, 3rd April 2009.

I took the morning flight from Labuan to LCCT and arrived around 1PM. The crappy thing about AirAsia’s Labuan-KL route now is that all flights are in the mornings. Pathetic!!! Why?? I could have taken the evening flight the day before and I’ll already be sleeping in my KL home’s comfy bed, instead of rushing for a morning flight. Sigh. Furthermore I can’t really sleep in an AirAsia flight. The noise, the attendants selling stuff, those cramp and stiff seats, they all are very... challenging to me haha. But, what to do, in order to save money right?

Went back home, took a shower and I was already driving off to 1U to meet Z (I got the entire weekend planned up lol). Z is a kinda old friend of mine, met him in MSN (and before that, from some social website haha) and somehow, we just clicked. There was much to update, so we headed off to one of my favorite hideouts in 1U, Pick n’ Brew!!

This place is really a nice place. You know how 1U is, noisy and full of shoppers. But Pick & Brew is just the direct opposite of that. It’s quiet and very relaxing. Tucked in a cozy little corner of 1U, it’s a bubble of tranquility that anyone can escape to. There are times that it is full with people, yes. But they are usually the people that know when to shut-up when they have to, and make a noise when they need to. That's my experience with the place anyway.

Me and Z took the ‘tea time promo’ and for RM13 bucks (tax and service charge included), a pot of gourmet coffee was served in their signature Moka Pot (it’s an unique pot that encourages coffee beans to produce flavors to its fullest, an original Italian method to brew coffee) and also one choice of dessert. I had the blueberry Danish and Z had the bread & butter pudding. But the interesting part was choosing the type of coffee!! See, the place has a choice of 3 ‘House Selections’ which are Inspirational, Vibrant and Passionate. Within each, there’s another whole list of coffees to choose from!! This time around we playfully asked the waiter to choose a flavor for us, based simply on our looks. She chose ‘Pleasures’ for me and Z got ‘Indulgence’. HHmmmm…Sounds abit too kinky for 2 guys having coffee together but, we trust the waiter’s recommendation. The coffee came and of course, it’s just bursting with aroma. They can call it ‘Pleasures’, call it ‘Sensual’, called it ‘Maximum Climax’, whatever they call it, it’s coffee and it’s coffee bliss supreme. There, Pick n’ Brew, you owe me publicity money. Pay up pay up.

After that, we went for the ‘Shinjuku Incident’. I was kinda disappointed with this one. I know it’s not the typical Jackie Chan action adventure, but still…even it’s a drama, I wasn’t impressed. Sorry. For my full thoughts, read the below post. Anyway, after the dinner, there was still so much to talk about with Z haha. I dunno why, between me and him, we got LOADS to share. Or maybe it’s because I’m stuck in an island like Labuan for far too long? Hmmmmm. We headed off to ‘Fish & Co’ as I love fish and chips. He talked about his latest flings, what he did, what he did not do, etc etc etc. Of course I shared some info on my side too. We talked until 1U was closing, and yet we still wasn’t that satisfied lol. Thus, we headed off to McDonald’s around the Curve area and talked somemore hahaha. I think it was the longest conversation with anyone that day. Around 2AM, we took a drive around in his “mini Ferrari” *cough, cough, vomit, spit blood* and Z showed off his Michael Schumacher skills. I wasn’t sure which part of Schumacher he was referring to, but I was bloody glad it ended with me still in one piece and not in pieces. Amen to that.

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