Karaoke Transmitted Viruses (KTV)

Love karaoke? Yes? Well so does a million other people. With only a few microphones to serve so many people in a room, God knows what spits and grossly bodily fluids had been liberated from mouth to mic during any possibly emotional rendition of Michael Bolton’s crooning classics (such is an example).

As we thanked the Gods for the holy creation that is a Condom, we must thank the people that created the mic condom to protect us from the infidels that are those germs and bacteria bombarding our music sticks and avoid any transfer of unhygienic return of mouthly diseases.

As such, here is a simple Bible to attain maximum musical satisfaction without to worry about any Karaoke Transmitted Viruses (KTV). Behold, the mic condom and the simplest way to wear it:

Step 1: Make sure you got the right side facing your music stick, i.e. opening of condom facing stick. If not, then it will get rather uncomfortable wearing it I assure you. Note: This is Green Apple flavour that gives out a soothingly sweet aroma to provide a more sensual satisfaction while performance is being rendered.

Step 2: Slowly wrap the condom around the head of the stick to avoid any damage to condom and head. Once secured, carefully pull down condom all the way to the base of the stick, while gently adjusting it to fit comfortably, compensating to the size of head and stick. Remember, wrap entire condom around the head first, and then stroke down slowly to achieve smooth fitting for that desired performance.

Step 3: With fitting accomplished, now hold the music stick in your hands feel its pulsating energy with a promise to achieve maximum musical satisfaction. Enjoy.


Balenion said...

Haha.. REI, censored one.. >.<

Raymond said...

where got censor la...wad u thinking leh!!

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