Do you Jimmy?

Do you follow Jimmy Kimmel? Although I always prefered Jay Leno (miss that guy's jokes man) but sometimes Jimmy's freakin' hilarious. The things you can see in his shows and the jokes he makes are at times super darn funny. There were so many times I broke out laughing in the middle of the night watching him and just literally woke up the neighbours (honest!!). Here's one of the best moments from the show, it is when Sarah Silverman was being interviewed by Jimmy. They broke up earlier. And this is her present to him:

**(F-Words are blipped, so don't worry ;p & the background music can be turned off at the bottom of this blog)**

And Jimmy would not just let it go away, here's Jimmy's revenge!! What a comeback mannnn..(just watch the entire clip!!)

And you wonder why Matt Damon did the clip fro Sarah Silverman? Here's why...

There's never enough time for Matt Damon!! So do we, so goooooood night everyone!!!


Medie007 said...

the shows are realllll???? whoa

Raymond said...

Its real and at the same time fake la..remember they are all actors ahah..they can pull off anything haha

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