The Lang-kawaii Trip from 29th ~ 31st Dec, 2008.

So what's been happenin' since I disappeared from the blogging world due to abduction by aliens and was thoroughly bodily probed and in fact didn't really want to come back down to Earth because of it? (That explains my quirkiness by the way). *Ahem*. Well, so much happened dear folks, so damn much. Due to popular demand from a certain uncle, I’ll start off with the Legendary Langkawi trip. As it’s already been covered much by bloggers Maj and Uncle, I’ll skip the fine details. What I’ll leave you with are my favorite moments from the trip, I’ll expose certain photos that was NOT seen so far in the notorious Facebook photo albums, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our endeavors to capture those mad and quirky photos during our trip. Dear friends, behold and be staggered below:

Before we begin, here's the Fantastic Langkawi Fab Four: Ray, Unc, Neiz, Maj & an unknown human figure hovering behind Maj (so it IS you Casper!!).

RAWR!!! And getting straight down to the action on de bed!!! Who does the best sexy??

Now what you can't really see from this camera angle is this - Uncle's butt is in fact popping out from his torn shorts. I can't bear to look while Nei cant bear the smell. And Maj, well she just fears things might get a wee bit 'explosive'...

Finally caught!! Bring out the BBQ set and pretzels people, we are gonna have a P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!!

Caught on camera -Aliens abducting humans!!! Aliens literaly grabs uncle by the hands and Nei, well, she's seems happy about it. Bodily probings ahoy!!!

Uncle and Maj doing the belly-licious!!!

What!! uncle and Nei getting married!! Jump for joy!!!

Fun by the pool - priceless...

This is what happens when you dun shave!! So shave men, shave!!!

Ahhhh the light, the God's gospel - "What's that oh Lord? My short's falling?! God works in mysterious ways....".

You've heard of the rempit doing the superman, here's the superman done by Raypit!!!! (That sounds so wrongggg....)

Ah Nei givin' it good to Uncle. Nei didn't wash her hand for days. Uncle didn't wash at all for months.

Mama penguin takes flight!!!!

Now Maj, just say C-A-V-A-T-I-E-S!!!

Welcome to Angkaw!!!

Now shut it, MU do NOT suck!!

Giving the bird its Wings - by literaly lifting it up by our fingers!!

The ever famous jumping shot. We should organize a WORLD jumping shot!! Everyone in the world should jump on a specificed date and time, how about that!! (So if that happens, will it cause a massive worldwide earthquake??!!)

This is one damn good pose. We just HAVE to repeat this on our next trip ^_^

Watch where your eyes are drifting to, Uncle....

While off camera, each person's true personalities are revealed: Nei the spastic child, Ray the vainpot and Uncle, Oiiiiii, stop kacau-ing that foreign chick hamsap lou!!

The Grand Overload of Multi-tasking - shitting while taking photos. All normal human skills are beneath you, Uncle...

Boys will be boys with their million dollar toys.

You know that I still have these tan lines until this very day!!!

Penguin by day, pimp by night. Simply charming...

For 3 days and 2 nights, Uncle just HAVE to 'relief' himself. Go get 'em tiger!!!

Abit shaky but I likey nonetheless!!

My favourite scenic pix on the entire trip...

And the videos that did not see the light of day..until today!! The exclusive premiere of...


Steeven said...

apparently many facts are twisted to ur convenience...damn u..:P

Raymond said...

HahhahHhAHAHHhahahAhHAhahahhaha...but still, some are still the photo with your hand on your private area..? lol

maj said...

too much detail, gentlemen.

tsk tsk tsk

oh ya and ray, uncle's gonna murder you.

Raymond said...

hahaha Maj, so THAT's the soulmate my facebook was telling me about??!!

I shall be ever more cautious of him...backstabbing, murderous scum of a dushbag...Beh.

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