EPILOGUE: (Belated) Birthday Surprise @ Home !!!

Just wanna mention abit more about THAT birthday surprise weekend. As you may already have known in my previous blog postings, I was ambushed and bombed by almost 100 water balloons in my own damn home. Not only that, I was rained with cold water and smeared with yucky slices of cakes. But I’m not pissed, I’m not angry….no way. It was all for fun right? Right….*cough* Anyway, there was a birthday cake for me and all so it was definitely fun and thoroughly memorable. Again, thanks guys.

But that’s not all that had happened during my time back in KL from 21st June to 22nd June. The very next day, V (yes, V) and Prasad took me and SL out to have some ‘celebrations’ of sorts as well. V and Prasad had been asking for a lunchie or dinner for ages every time I got back to KL. This time around I could not disappoint them again ‘cause I think it’s the 4th time they are asking me out (a curse from my popularity? Hahaha, joking joking).

Anyway, we whisked away in Prasad’s Vios and he took us for something that was SO unforgettably yummy and ‘shiok’. It was bowls after bowls of ‘chili pan-mee’. Yes, some of you might have already heard it or tasted it, but I haven’t. The ‘pan-mee’ is kinda ordinary and is served dry with an egg on the side (served with the mee, so you gotta mash it all up abit). But the magic ingredient was the delicious concoction of dry chili paste (chili flakes, chili padi, chili whatever that you can think of) and you will have to scoop this onto your ‘pan mee’ and do your best twister impression to mix it all up. The amount of chilies is entirely up to you, but the more of it is deliciously much better. But be warned, the crowd can get huge at times and so the wait is kinda long. Also, be sure to wear something comfy and cool, ‘cause the combination of huge crowds and bowls after bowls of ‘chili pan mee’ can get you all sweat up pretty darn good. This beats the gym any day in my opinion hahaha. Not sure exactly how much for one bowl as Prasad belanja all of us (and also for my treat as the birthday boy haha) but I think I saw a sign that said ‘RM4.50 per bowl’ somewhere. But it’s around that price la I guess. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the photos before you eventually go there to try it all out:

The noodles before the storm. Looks plain now but....

....after you add these magical chili paste into the mix....

...you get this flaming bowl of spiced-up pan mee that will guarantee to make you sweat for more.

Wanna know where it is? Here’s the address:

Restoran Kin Kin,
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman,
Kuala Lumpur.

Plain and simple address. But kinda confusing to find hehe....Good luck!!!

Anyway, after the flaming bowls of ‘chili pan mee’ (I had 2 bowls. And that was 10am in the morning) we headed off to a drink to cool off. This time we went for something slightly higher class instead, and headed off to Damansara Uptown’s 'Starbucks' to try out their new (and seasonal, which means the drink will be no more after the season is over!!) ‘Dark Mocha Frap’. Obviously if you love all things chocolate and chips, you are gonna love this. Cooling and not too overly-thick with chocolate, I think it’s a nice addition to the family of frap drinks at Starbucks. No photos taken unfortunately, but I'm sure you all know how it looks like. Standard cup and green straw lah of course ;)

And with that drink, we headed back to my home and I went straight to the airport. Arrived back in Labuan at the same evening, I thoroughly had a wonderful time and it was another memorable weekend back in KL....

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