A Nice Mid-Air Greeting....

On board the flight back to Labuan, the routine hum-drum of passengers finding remaining available seats, air stewards giving their routine customary preaching on how to use the life safety jacket and crying children fill the air of what is now a common monthly practice for me, which is sitting in an 'AiriAsia' plane jetsetting across the oh-so-glamorous route of KL to Labuan.

Before taking-off, I’m already counting the mili-seconds to my (hopefully) safe landing in Labuan until a nice surprise paid me a welcoming visit to what was fast becoming a very routine and mundane air journey. As I was flipping through the on-board magazine called ‘Travel 3-Sixty’, I was greeted by a very familiar face with a mesmerizing smile and attached to it was her unmistakably distinctive black-rimmed glasses: it was Majidah Hashim, my secondary school mate and regular friend that lives near my area of residence!!! That a look!!! :

The article was about Burma, and I knew about her travels to that part of the world a few months ago (even before I went off to Labuan) and I know she is always contributing to travel magazines but it is just a very nice surprise to actually bump into one of her articles!! With nice photos (as usual) and with very informative compositions about her Burmese voyage, it was a very good read and it definitely had placed Burma into my psyche as a destination that I would visit at least some time during my living days. That said, may your contributions to world travel be more widely noticed as it was absolutely effective in fueling one’s urge to spread their wings and fly to worlds beyond one’s own.

I had a sudden thought to actually take the magazine home with me but a nice little note at the bottom right hand side of the magazine made me do otherwise:

Crap. I placed the magazine disappointedly back into my front seat pocket. Oh well, at least my disappointment was for a good cause, at least Majidah’s words and pictures can be read more widely now since this one copy is still in circulation among the flying and reading public of 'AirAsia'…Way to go Maj!!!

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