Back with Prezzies...

Before heading back to KL for the weekend, there was a bombardment of calls asking me to buy this and that (ciggies and alcohol tops the list). I got calls from people I know, and calls from people I still have no slightest clue who they were. Someone even called me ‘Rashid’ and asked for a carton of ‘Marlboro Lights.’ What, I’m now the ‘Labuan Pimp’ or something?! Anyway, went shopping to get those stuff you guys requested (see how good a guy I am? Bank money into my account NOW). Here’s what I got:

So many chocolates for SL: Want 'Cadbury's' Turkish Delight flavour? Or Peppermint flavour? How about Black Forrest? So many to choose, all for you ~~~ Only RM8.50 each, KL is selling for RM16.50 I think...

More chocolates for SL's sister, MM: Rich Strawberry chocolates and choco bombs from popular Japanese choco & shacks maker, 'Meiji'. Only RM7.50 each!!!

Japanese plum drink for QT: Sweet and sourish taste, but VERY nice to drink!!! Must try, must try ~~~ but its RM4 per can. But I think it's worth it!!!

Taiwanese (I think) beer for Dav.Q: Dunno nice anot ah, you said you wanted something unique, so I got this. Don't kill me if not nice ah !!

And of course, something for my mum and dad: 'DOM Benedictine Liquor'. It's medicine but it has 40% alcohol. Hmmmmm, now i know why it's so 'good'....

I think thats all I can bring over back to KL, I think anymore I'll be shot by customs officers. So, Jaq, Greg, BT, TK, Pique and the rest, but worry your 'Chivas' bottles are safe with me...for now.


Bengbeng said...

if i had yr number i might have called u too :)

Balenion said...

Wow.. CHocs and liquor. But, i heard Cadbury's choc don eat better oh..

Raymond said...

hi bengbeng,

you really want my number? it's 016... ;)

hi balenion,

cadbury no good? why o? i bought so many tim!!! die la like dat!!!

Balenion said...

I heard the Cadbury company made de chocs inside got one kind of bacteria which will leads to any sickness and make us not as healthy as those dont eat the chocolates lor. Well.. I like to eat chocs too. last time went Langkawi bought lots of chocs and liquor.. Haha.. Especially, Absolute!! =P~

Bengbeng said...

may i add next time u go to a mercedez showroom, bring back one for me too :)

TeK said...

beng beng wants a mercedes, i want a BMW. call me at 012-1212123 as soon as you get the car. thank you.

Raymond said...

hi Balenion,

OMG!!! are you serious ar? its not one of those KFC rumours that their chickens are featherless la, this la that la? haha...but...these choco tastes so GOOD!! and i checked: they are made in Australia. Does that make any difference?

Hi Beng Beng,

OK, one merc for you, one ferrari for him, one more BMW for her..anyone else? haha ~~~

Hi Tek,

another BMW for you. and your number is SO COOL. why not make it 016-6969696? haha ~~~

Sue said...

hihi..i wan meiji chocolates...!!!
3 bar enough ler..thks for me lar..
hahaha..the price is is worth!!!
if in singapore the price $5 onwards..expensive!!!

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