Labuan Bloglogs #1: The Borneo Beginnings

I’ve finally arrived in Labuan, Sabah for my new job at ‘Schlumberger’. My flight was 9am this morning with my parents and SL seeing me off at KLIA. Leaving KL for a little place like Labuan was quite difficult because, well obviously KL is much bigger city, but most hard to leave behind was my friends, parents, and of course SL. Leaving behind my city lifestyle was hard too, as there will be no more fancy cafes, comfy cinemas or rockin’ clubs. There’s just better fishes in Labuan. That’s about it. Well, it was a risk I wanted to take because firstly, why not? I’m still young with no big commitments and if I don’t jump companies now, I may never get the chance later in my life. Secondly of course ‘Schlumberger’ gave me a good offer too hard to refuse so I had to take the chance. I’ll see how things go for a few months at least and then I’ll decide what happens. Maybe Labuan is indeed too boring for me to handle, and WOOOOSSSH I’ll be back in KL, I promised myself that, hehe.

Anyway, for my first day at Labuan, there wasn’t much for me to do at the office as my laptop, handphone and all that is not yet ready for me. Hence, I can’ t do jack shit. So, after a seafood lunch with my new boss and the HR manager, I left for my hotel. The hotel they gave me was nice, much better than I expected ‘cause the room they gave me was a family sized room with a double bed and another single bed. Shit, I should have brought over my family as well!! THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!!! Anyway, took a quick nap and then dipped myself in the hotel’s cool swimming pool. I noticed that there isn’t many people around the hotel. Pretty scary. Maybe they are all working? HHmmmm.

Went downtown for dinner and with no proper transport except for a Taxi and no knowledge of downtown at all, I opted for a safe option for dinner and had KFC. YUMMY!!! Frankly, I didn’t find any difference with the taste as I tried the original recipe as well as the hot & spicy. Or maybe I was too hungry to notice any. But I did notice that they offered RICE along with your usual fried chickens, so I found that was a bit funny. Bali offered rice with KFC too, you know.

After that, I can’t find anything else to do as the shops here closes at 9PM!!! Can’t blame them as there isn’t many people in Labuan that fancies shopping complexes I guess. Or maybe because it is a Monday and everyone is all at home. It’s so empty here, it gets a little freaky and scary. Where the heck are all the people??!!

And this is why I am writing this blog because frankly, I got nothing to do. Luckily I brought over my PS2 ;) and as I settled down with Astro, broadband and everything else up and running later, I think my life SHOULD bear some kind of resemblance to a life much more ordinary in Labuan.

Tomorrow begins another new day at my new surroundings, so let’s just see what things are in store for me. Until then…

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